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When you think of SEO you probably think of title, keyword, and meta optimization. It goes on: headings, hyperlink usage, article length…

Fixing those things will not fully optimize your SEO!

The coders at Google are nerds. More than ever, Google is rewarding sites that are optimized for speed & efficiency!

Read what Google says below, bear with it (or don’t)…Google devs don’t write very excitingly.

In our shared pursuit to push the web to do more, we’re running into a common problem: performance. Sites have more features than ever before. So much so, that many sites now struggle to achieve a high level of performance across a variety of network conditions and devices.

Performance issues vary. At best, they create small delays that are only briefly annoying to your users. At worst, they make your site completely inaccessible, unresponsive to user input, or both.

• Pinterest increased search engine traffic and sign-ups by 15% when they reduced perceived wait times by 40%.

• COOK increased conversions by 7%, decreased bounce rates by 7%, and increased pages per session by 10% when they reduced average page load time by 850 milliseconds…

Google is showing empirically – speed matters. Further, Google tells us, speed optimization dictates your ranking more than ever. If you aren’t optimized? A double-whammy!

There’s so much data available, it could fill a book. Let’s get to the point.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • 47% of users expect your site to load in under 2 seconds.
  • 40% will ultimately abandon if it takes longer than 3 seconds.

Let me elaborate. While your site took 6 seconds to load, subconsciously, visitors are still turned-off while reading! They probably don’t want to click another internal link…there’s a stat for that somewhere. Bounce!

Does your site take longer? Check quickly with GTMetrix. What is it? 5, 6 seconds…throwing the towel in, right?

Yea, you probably have D or C grades too. That’s not good! Despite your perfect linguistics, you’re still spinning the hamster wheel…

Unless you have at least a B score on both sides, your website is riddled with profound errors.

lifesavings seo.png - Website SEO Service speed report.

To the point, if you aren’t under 3 seconds, you’re probably losing 40% of your traffic! On top of that, you aren’t ranking on page 1 in search results as often as you could…

Imagine, your site can be 50% smaller and 100% faster without losing functionality, content, or images!

There are many common problems sites face, which slow them down.

Image optimization: No compression, no WEBP/WEBM format, and no CDN.

Images tend to be a foremost issue. You can make images 50% leaner while losing no visible quality. That is a relatively easy fix. My premium plugins (I’ve tested them all) can optimize these automatically, and serve them over a CDN, when setup correctly.

There are methods to properly resize images too! Yeah, let me worry about it, just be aware.

Unnecessary resources: Entire Font Awesome libraries are often loaded, probably more than once – on every page! Are you using ~5,000 icons? Well, you’re loading them – twice! Sorry, Google thinks you’re a hack 🙁 Other unneeded JS and CSS files are loaded too, probably 100’s of KB worth on any given page/post type.

The duplicate resources come with the plugins and themes you use. Each one knows ‘independently’, it might need ‘that’. However, many plugins don’t know that you’ve already loaded ‘that’! Heck, often, it doesn’t even know if IT needs ‘that’. Such issues need a human eye to spot and consolidate.

I can create your custom Font Awesome libraries, with only the icons you need – and much more…beyond the scope of my writing here.

My mind is reeling over what your site needs!

Do you know how to pre-connect / pre-load resources? Which ones, and why?

Are you fetching FIVE unused Google font types?

Could you be using sprites? Wait! Maybe there’s an SVG for that…

Did you know HTML loads first? Did you know you might serve critical JS and CSS within that HTML?

Are your ‘above-the-fold’ elements prioritized for a better user experience?

Your ‘social share’ plugin probably acts as an anchor regarding your SEO. What can you do about it?

The difference between synchronous and asynchronous loading? How about deferring JavaScript? What if you can’t simply defer something? Really, is your waterfall okay?

Why on earth are you are sending 60 server requests? Is sourcing code from a dozen servers across the world necessary?

Why wouldn’t you want to put something on your CDN?

I could go on, really. Caching policy? Yea…that can be a nightmare! Then, you might try to ‘minify and combine’ – only find out that your site broke! Voila, right?

There’s much more…relax, I’m going easy on you.

How about site security? What are you doing to stop crawlers and scraping? Do you know how to hide your weaknesses? Do you know how to throttle requests? Why should you? How many requests are reasonable?

Some bot right now is probably trying to crack your site – it’s mind-blowing…really. They are draining your server resources! They are looking for any vulnerability. Probably to inject ‘invisible’ back-links and siphon off your data. Is this already happening to you?

There are many shortfalls on your website.

Instead, just hire me to fix it for you. It will be fixed forever. You will blow the other sites out of the water regarding SEO and security. Google is keen enough to get impressed. I know where the ‘lines in the sand’ are.

There is no one solution for every website – each has its own set of problems and optimization opportunities. Above, I eluded to a few things that I can fix for you. Out of consideration for your time and attention, I’ve kept it short. There is a lot more!

Luckily, your biggest issues are the easiest to fix.

Within 2-3 days (20 hours), probably, I can get you an ‘A’ score on most tests. Those tests are broad at best. I do go deeper.

Your site will work the same. It will look the same. I can do this with no risk to your ‘live site’. With 10 minutes of your time (using a simple plugin), we can transfer an exact copy of your site to my server, where I work independently.

Don’t freat, it’ll be under a development URL that no one (except us) will see. I am not getting any more control over your site by my method. In fact, all I need is an admin login!

Once finished, you may check the results and decide if they’re worth implementing on your live website.

How to charge…the fairest way seems to be hourly.

It will take 20 hours, probably. Your site will load in the order it’s supposed to load. It will load only what it needs to load (within reason). Again, I can’t fix every tiny error in every single theme/plugin in that amount time…I don’t even want to. Be assured, I am doing what I want to, things you need, and you’re in good hands. Oh yeah, I work fast too.

I don’t want to milk you for every penny possible. You’ll get the most reasonable fixes at the cheapest price. You’ll be 100% faster & 50% smaller. You’ll probably score an ‘A’ on speed tests without sacrificing anything. I do it because I like doing it.

You might check Fiverr and see that you can get “this” for $20…

That’s not this. You’ll end up with cracked plugins and band-aids. You’ll get what everyone else gets, and maybe a virus or two.

Can they tell you frankly, where hindrances outweigh the benefits? Do they really know what Google is looking for?

Nope. They’re going to do what you’re afraid of. They’re going to install some plugins haphazardly, the mainstream ones that everyone else uses and check a few boxes.

If you get this done by me, expect extraordinary results to justify the cost.

$50 for me to start, then $10 per hour, after I finish.

I estimate it’ll be $200 total. I say that with confidence. My site here,, uses 28 plugins. Most of my sites use a similar amount. Many secret SEO plugins, and not one instance of ‘Jetpack’… That’s just a little insight – don’t think that the number of plugins totally matters – it hardly does. Again, the number of active plugins does not exactly reflect how much help you need.

Within 10 minutes of checking your website, I’ll have a better idea of how much time it will take…

Rather help yourself instead? Start by upgrading your server – and while you’re off, notice how fast the internal pages load. Hint: don’t blink!

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