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I like to post my comments on blogs. I always have an opinion, a lot of times though, I just don’t bother. I know the sheeple disagree with me. I know they don’t like a strong voice of opposition. I’ve had dozens of my comments trashed over the years. It’s usually the same blogs doing it.

I’ve threatened to leave most of them, usually more than one time. I don’t particularly care for moderation. That is, the way they cherry-pick which comments to publish or not, and when. You can bet it’s based on their own pocketbook, their financial sponsors, and their own portfolios; basically, greed over transparency. They’re real wizards!

They can’t have comments that threaten their pocketbooks. Therefore, they create an echo-chamber to keep their readers blinded by only their personal point of view. They allow comments, as long as it’s in line with their ideals. Any opposition is going to be blocked.

I’m not just saying all this because it sounds right – it’s reality. A few, like me, do know, we’ve talked and agreed, we keep in touch. Some of us are tired of it. You need a place to see the whole story. That’s why I created this site in the first place, albeit, slowly.

I’m sad, their readers are subjected to propaganda, forced to hear one side of the story. No retort, no extra information. I do often see, major points totally neglected, ignored, but probably even unknown – the echo chamber effect, after all.

So while all the above is generic, and there are a couple of blogs that come to mind, this post is focused on

It’s been a long time problem for me, not being able to speak up against the propaganda and trolls. This moderator is particularly one of the worst. But, you decide for yourself.

The inspiration for TheDomains addition here is this particular post, “Shopify now owns and

Of course, it’s too hard for Raymond to ignore a 200k sale. Anything for that juice, right?

That’s right. Raymond is a chronic cherry-picking moderator with extreme bias. This is far from the first time he trashed my retort to protect his pets and their .com propaganda.

Wrapping this up, someone with a brand new name (probably a shill or Raymonds personal friend, perhaps even paid to comment in the deceptive ways he does), posted this comment:

If you are gonna use a New Gtld you really do need the .com which they have secured, great business strategy!

Data Glasses

I don’t particularly like strong language which such a strong biased and pure opinion being presented as fact. He said, “you really do the need .com”. Ya…that’s enough to invoke my response. My response, which was denied by Raymond, per the usual. This man, this blog is fake. Propaganda, only a circle-jerk for the .com’r. If they are stepping out of line in their comments, you will not see strong words against them. As Raymond is the pimp daddy of ridiculous statements.

And my (trashed by Raymond) response:

Oh, now “you NEED the matching .com with the nTLD”…funny how the narrative changes to suit whatever propaganda com’rs require given the current market, in order to keep the facade of ‘needing’ a .com! You don’t NEED the .com ? Last year the random trolls said nTLD were going ‘nowhere’ and .com is ALL that mattered!

“Shopify just threw away 200k! All they NEED is while is COMPLETELY irreverent” – where are the typical troll marching to THIS tune TODAY?

How many people people argued on forums that is a ‘better looking’ domain than IE: more visually appealing? I swear, 95% believed this crap! Adding a .com is like da Vinci signature to these cultists!

Adjusting the narrative now, to suit their agenda and bias for .com, because all these bloggers & forum lords are flush with .com portfolios!

.com would of been a bubble today, EVEN WITHOUT nTLD! I do think nTLD prolonged this ‘king .com only’ domaining bubble, because the newTLD HURTING THEIR PRIDE…yes, they’re butthurt, and fighting back via numskull registrations in vain! They piled in, now ALL holding their ‘brandables’ bags! BAG holders, watch and see, the forthcoming exodus.

It’s happening in front of our eyes folks. The Trolls have even new usernames and a new marching tune.

LOL. Soon nTLD will be MORE WIDESPREAD than .com! Soon domains like SHOPAPP.COM will LEAK traffic to IMAGINE THAT, the tables are turning, and the propaganda is changing to suit their delusions!

Watch .com turn even more irrelevant as more nTLD websites come online. It’s happening ever-faster. Notice how nTLD sites are ALMOST ALWAYS superior looking & functioning? That’s because the SERIOUS developers are making them like there’s no tomorrow (ask for examples if you need proof…ha)! They know where the traffic is! What gets the’s not .com people! nTLD get more traffic, bet me!

I’ll put my matching nTLD against any exact .com and outrank/destroy their CTR… I have done my own tests and if someone needs embarrassed, really, hit me up on this offer!

NEEDING the .com “too” Perhaps it’s nice, but you don’t need, and you never will. Soon, soon, the tables will be completely turned. The .coms are going to get outdone by EMD nTLD.

That’s it. Protect your interests Raymond. Be fake, but it will be known. You are the deception. It’s about money, I know. You’re evil, and I’m here to expose! Yep, strong words…here’s more: you’re the pimp daddy and don’t want me *smashing* yo’ bitch.
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