Targeting End-users With Domain Forwards

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Here is a little experiment to follow along with: how might we, and how easy is it to rank a simple URL forward?

Proposal: Use a newTLD ‘span-the-dot’ forward to rank highly in search engines.

Method: Target high-value websites with existing content and data.

Okay so I’m not a scientist. That never stopped me. This is for you, domainer, to follow along. I’ll be posting updates and refinements monthly.

For the purpose of demonstration, I’ve selected 2 similar domains: Pudding.Recipes & Fudge.Recipes. Each receives 1,000 & 6,600 monthly Google searches respectfully.

They forward to a respectful category on a major recipe website, pudding and fudge categories, obviously.


First, let me explain what invoked the experiment: observations. Without much supporting evidence, I’ve noticed something unusual, and only recently. That is, exact-match domain forwards are ranking #1. Domain forwards! Don’t bother for citations. This exercise is meant to prove it in practice, with my own assets. I’m not going to be left with any questions.

This method may be more effective than ever before! I have a hunch…

Depending on the results, this information may change the way we domain! It will open many doors including the ‘leasing’ unicorn.

Conceiveably, these 2 domains may bring a website 1,000s of visits. Highly targeted visits. Maybe up to 90% of the traffic for the terms.

If my proposal succeeds, the end-user will see absolute results. Traffic to targeted pages may double or triple! Not only that, it will be quality traffic! Higher dwell, lower bounce, etc.

Make no mistake, if the method is successful to the point of ranking on page 1, even a large site will notice. They will even be able to see the exact domains sending traffic.

They’ll want this!

There’s nothing malicious about this. The only thing they might be mad about is that I did it before them! Perfect. Then let’s hope they tell their friends!

That’s it for now. Check back in November to learn what I’m doing to make Google help me sell EMDs!

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