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I spend a little time writing comments on other blogs. My comments are usually in defense of nTLDs (new Top Level Domains), packed with facts and testable examples. Almost always, other blogs will not publish my critical reviews! They can’t handle some truth. They have an agenda to push – their biases and propaganda.

Here is one from concerning EMD domains. Their post titled, “Comprehensive guide to exact match domains in 2020″.

LOL @ this guide…They decided NOT to allow my comment and criticisms of their inept blogging. Such sites operate on a biased agenda; that is to steer you away from nTLD because they MISSED THE BOAT. They have no good nTLD themselves!

They are in denial and their sponsors all operate on .com domains! Their whole empire is built on .com and they are afraid of what’s coming! They often lie, or in this case, blatantly discredit by omission nTLDs. nTLD are a large part of the internet now, LIKE IT OR NOT! When speaking of EMD, it is prudent to include nTLDs in the discussion, because nTLDs have changed the way SITES RANK.

Enough ranting. I invite you to read their disgusting, outdated and irreverent post.

Finally, please read on below, my comment on their blog, which was denied publication. A legitimate discussion point, time well spent, ignored and dismissed because these are deceptive writers who WON’T have their deceptive ideals opposed!

Outdated ideas and discussion. New Top Level Domains (nTLD) have changed the way you should discuss EMD. You are using long-tail .COM EMD as examples…those are, like you said 10+ years too late to be good for ANYTHING. Why are you even still writing about them? Ya, im suspicious of your motives here.

You missed 1000+ nTLDs, in which Google tends to rank EXTREMELY well. Search “domains”, you find Domains.Google – and Google isn’t the lone beneficiary from this. There are 10×1000’s nTLD domains that rank #1 Websites that would NEVER rank for the term using any other old .com domain. Search “Luxury Company” and tell me, why the #1 result deserves that spot other than being the NEW TOP LEVEL DOMAIN = EMD? Luxury.Company is just one of THOUSANDS that rank ONLY because it is the EMD. And before you go running and saying ‘big deal, it won’t rank for other terms’ – maybe, maybe not. What’s important is the EMD term! I heard all the arguments how it’s a ONE TRICK pony, ranking for only the EXACT MATCH. That’s the point DUH – with EMD, so don’t even start! Some EMDS are 1m+ monthly, obviously nothing to balk at!

Your whole post is outdated and misleading, 10yr old info AT BEST! You choose to overlook important factors that are actually CURRENTLY pertinent AND under everyone’s noses, except most ya’ll in blind denial! This is another misleading .com propaganda piece. nTLD EMDs rank, and I have MANY myself to prove, they DOMINATE!

Shame on the cowards!

Furquan Ahmed

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