Is Rob Monster Laundering Crypto > Cash via Domains?

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I was shocked to learn that Rob Monster of ‘purchased’ for NOTHING. I am suspicious, rightfully so, and believe there needs to be an investigation into his ‘dealings’. I suspect he is making domain business deals using crypto to skirt paying taxes, FRAUD.

Maybe of insignificant importance, but I read that while trying make a deal with some ‘prominent’ domainer, Rob offered his bank account balance. He was laughed at – $50,000 total. His ability to achieve his ambitions with such means was balked at. But is that all Rob Monster REALLY has to deal with? I suspect not.

First, it is my opinion, though I am sure many will agree, he is EXTREMELY deceptive and manipulative. I read a post, that 12+ (untagged ‘epik’) employees moderate namepros – 12! It’s clear to the keen, it’s his new propaganda machine!

The registrar has some VERY peculiar dealings. Begin with Epik (and Rob himself) being an advocate of crypto-currency, even accepting it as payments for domains at his registrar.

I suggest that Rob Monster is PERSONALLY and / or BUSINESS PARTNERS buying (worthless) domains though his registrar,, using crypto-currency, to launder money and/or for backdoor dealings. With a little digging, we can easily investigate potential conspirators, starting with the .bible registry. .bible domains
1,455 .bible domains, or 85.94% of the outstanding registrations. Source: charges $39.00 retail per .bible, 1,455 of them equates to $56,745 USD! I confronted Rob on twitter about this some weeks back. Obviously he denied they were his domains, and said they were ‘customers’. I would like to know who those customers are. We can’t however, with WHOIS block, after all…coincidence? Also a coincidence, that within 3 days (~DEC 26, 2019), his nTLD registration count shot up 35%+ …within 3 days: registered nTLD
Image captured: DEC-27-2019. The ‘stats’ listed here are complied to show 3 days worth of registrations. His registrar grew by 35%+ in 3 days! Source:

Take a look at how these new purchases, ~24,000 domains, look at scale… ntld registrations
Source: Notice how erratic? This isn’t normal for any registrar. Now, of MOST importance, these .TOP registrations, what are they used for? A customer setting up, ready to spam, with cheap domains perhaps? Not so fast…

.TOP costs $44.95 at EPIK, while costing less than $2 at,, and! In other words, somebody(s) blew ~$1 MILLION in just 2 days using to register .TOP, while they may have spent ~1/25th that at MANY other major registrars; somethings amiss! But wait, WHAT if these are 10 YEAR registrations, meaning $10m+ USD was laundered!?

TOP 1024x527 - Is Rob Monster Laundering Crypto > Cash via Domains?
It’s not rational, this is the smoking gun right here…He prices all things mostly competitively…but this, this is EXTREME. Then he sells 10,000/s of them WITHIN a few days? Source:

(UPDATE: 12/29/19) Another big day for .TOP @ with 1,000s more registered at $44.95 – 60.74 % of the total nTLD domains now. Millions of $ in registration – are we greasing palms here? What’s the Chinese connection?

We might dig into his dealings; some auxiliary relationship with .BIBLE and .TOP are evident, as shown above – the anomalies are glaring. To whom were these registered, and why? Were they registered via crypto-currency?

Rob bought for $0, but perhaps a CRYPTO transaction too? He now operates it recklessly, biased, and with totally-inept moderation – not to mention all the SHILLING that he, himself condones and participates in. His attitude is consistent that with a psychopathic maniac. I can safely assume that while being so arrogant, he believes he ‘gets away’ with something. These types always think they’re the smartest in the world. If you know him personally, I bet you know what I mean. His boldness will be his undoing in the end…and I wouldn’t put anything past him after having just a few ‘discussions’ with him.

He seems keen on pumping .org – another coincidence? I don’t know, things are starting to look really shady now…

What other ‘assets’ might he have? Whose domains are these, and why are they registering them in bulk at nose-bleed premiums? Why are these 2 particular nTLDs listed at such a premium at, while others are more reasonably priced to sell legitimately, even a small discount?

Is Rob Monster, newest owner of and founder of registering these domains under some ‘dealings with friends’ or even under these ‘shell’ registries, perhaps with a proxy (that’s how you’d do it!)? Is someone prepared, perhaps, to renew these domains year-after-year while under the feigned-posture of being a ‘loony’ bible-thumping, .TOP loving investor?

Perhaps now, a PALM GREASING to promote the 4L+ ‘chip’ and ‘numeric’ propaganda put forth @namepros via @robmonster under MULTIPLE shill accounts + the ‘pro’ army? Chinese HEDGE FUND manipulation – the payment now, for ‘dirty deeds’, $2.5m+ via .TOP (60k+ $44.95 each?).

Now that the forum has been ‘given’ to Rob Monster, his registrar, entrenched – they took this opportunity to ‘wrap up’?

Maybe though, it’s just a case of ‘innocent’ registrar stuffing by him, to inflate his registration numbers with cheap domains. Though, that would go against his narrative @namepros, which is that there are no special deals for any single entity, if one person ‘gets the deal’, he offers it to everyone else too…

We know he isn’t a domainer, his domains are bad…really bad! Did you see his NEWEST list? Is that suppose to be some kind of joke? Guy has a ‘pro’ tag, but I don’t think he’s making a killing with legitimate domaining by the looks of things! Isn’t it also “shady”, a few weeks back, his adamant promotion of .org, while .org was going though everything that it was/is?

Without getting more into the actual character of Rob Monster myself, these are the cold hard facts, which deserve closer examination. I believe we can work together to uncover more of the anomalies…

Let’s uncover this suspected fraud, manipulator and deceiver. Let’s find out: WHO his friends are, and more about of these 3 overtly ‘peculiar’ transactions.

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