Everyone’s opinion isn’t on these sites, it’s moderated away, what you read is not reality! These are snakes. Especially in the case of namepros, manipulative .com pumpers full of shills and moderation to alter our perception of .com Vs. newTLDs.

The “PROS” themselves are the biggest lying bunch of disrespectful creeps you WILL EVER KNOW.

Here’s a good one, posting DIRECT MESSAGE IN PUBLIC (ITS ALLOWED – YOU CAN PUT ANY ONES PM [public message] OUT THERE!):

Classy /sarc, take note, he wrote: “I’ll continue speaking the truth.”
Namepros liars
Pure propaganda. He thinks 1/10,000 when reality is 1/10, ESTIMATE OFF by a MORE THAN a factor of 1,000! How far is the moon, a billion miles, dude? These A*HOLES run free and deceive. heh, ya…”Let’s get real.”

He keeps ranting, it gets better…

“I love the stats”, in an endearing yet typical name’PRO’ asshole tone. He respond with his own ‘facts’ (pure lies) to discredit Bob, LMAO (It’s funny because 6 fig sales are NOWHERE NEAR to happening EVERY SINGLE DAY)! Don’t let them bait you into explaining how you get rich!

Of course I got banned from ‘Public Message’ for sending Josh R a couple sentences explaining what an idiot he is. TRY to stand up against their LIES, even in (not)private, they will whine and cry, and you will be SILENCED! Typical baby, b!tch political plays.

Namepros decided to KEEP his lies up there, as his ‘opinion’. That’s right, if someone like Bob presents *REAL facts* you just call them ‘stats’ then you tell em’! The fact of the matter is… Oh, yea, right…EVERYONE KNOWS THIS IS BULLSHIT HE IS SAYING, 100% BS LIES. This is NOT AN OPINION, IT’S PURE DECEPTION. Here’s what namespros told me about it:

Why are you sending all of these irrelevant messages to us? We do not care what opinions are expressed on NamePros as long as they follow the rules. You are explaining your opinion to us as if we care what someone says and as if we will only allow the posts if we agree with them, which is incorrect. The opinions that appear on NamePros have nothing to do with us, and that is clearly stated on every page where a member has posted. Look, we can’t help you if you are going to be outsmarted by members who can follow simple instructions.

So there you have it! I was outsmarted! Obviously there ARE 6 FIGURE SALES in .com EVERYDAY, right?!

They are just the PLATFORM to FACILITATE the lies, not punish those ‘PROS’ spreading them. NOT REWARD THOSE THAT CATCH THE LIARS! BE CAREFUL WHO YOU TRUST, DEF NOT THE ‘PROS’!

Obviously Josh presented his statement as fact (NOT OPINION), anyone reading above can see. Namepros ‘doesn’t care’ that their pros run around lying. They only care about the $, not keeping order or REPRESENTING truth. Continue reading the lies by the next pro…

The level of fraud some ‘pro’ users are engaged in is beyond belief! An old post by me:

I’m going to barely scratch the surface pointing out all his lies, but pay attention, and you’ll see, that he says “I gave you your domain”, and “I deleted your domain”, many times, in all our faces. He is lying all the time. Truth: @imadoer kept the domain beyond the life of the thread.

After @imadoer stole my domain name (he reg’d on my behalf, via written agreement), I started the stated thread. If you read it, it’s a lot of fighting and lies by him. Full of lies. Did you pay attention to how many times he said he “deleted it”? He didn’t delete it until 3 months AFTER I had that thread closed! He even said himself, he was holding MY DOMAIN “hostage”! But this story gets better yet as well…

A well respected user, his friend @TERADOMAIN ‘BROKERED’ A deal between him and I. The deal: IF I SOMEHOW got mods to close that thread, I could have my domain. I held up my end (as always [yes, he reneged on many other “deals” too]) but he didn’t give the domain. I fought with him and had to threaten to sue him for 3 months, 3 MONTHS after that thread was closed before he EVEN DELETED IT!

I got SCREWED and lied to, and that thread was CLOSED and I was SCAMMED BY HIM YET AGAIN, by not getting my domain once I had MOD close the thread <- Such was the agreement brokered by his FRIEND, TERADOMAIN.

NAMEPROS is constant lies and scams. I just saw IMADOER bragging in chat (which I’m banned from for standing up against these scammers) about how he’s dropping 500+ domains soon and crying that will end up with them (it’s early Dec. ATM).

THEY are RUINING domaining on us! SPAMMING ‘endusers’ (at least they HOPE it’s an enduser) via email, they call it “outbound” LOL! He IS abusing registrar promos to register TONS of domains when the promos meant for just a few per person: @imadoer ‘pro’ tag member regs 500+ .coms using MULTI-ALIAS & IP using cheap throwaway cards (can buy for $1), abusing promos that are meant for just a couple domains / person AKA: FRAUD!

Wondering why I post all this here? Because MODS hide their CORRUPTION and scams, by SILENCING those that REVEAL THE DECEPTIONS:

domain lying about donuts tld
Look at his thread title, calling out the LARGEST nTLD registry, Donuts, while Donuts IS NOT INVOLVED in .bar! The fallacy was pointed out by me IMMEDIATELY, as you see above. Namepros won’t allow me to expose the lies instead, opting ALLOW these PROVEN FALSE ACCUSATIONS persist though a whole day, exactly as I wrote and predicted! Namepros knew well that 1000’s of people would see the title. Inept & manipulative moderators! They don’t care that their users LIE, LIE, LIE, CHEAT and STEAL.

Name’PRO’ is a tag they give their LIARS to FOOL the noobs with .com propaganda. DON’T TRUST THE PROS! nTLD ALL THE WAY!

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