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Other blogs moderate & promote with massive propaganda to bash nTLDs & pump .com!

Every time a ‘mainstream’ domaining blog posts something there is an army of shills that bash newTLD and pump .com in the comment section…fine, their opinion right!? WRONG, it’s not fair grounds, these sites ‘moderate’ comments, HOLD back the (truth) retort to the liars and trolls, so that no one can effectively stop the spread of their misinformation via posting, since you’re held back!

The moderator (blog owner) is a sick individual with agenda whom applies social manipulation methods to make his ‘story’ appear one sided (and true)! He moderates according to his MO!

Everyone’s opinion isn’t on these sites, it’s moderated away, what you read is not reality! These are snakes. Especially in the case of domainnamewire.com & namepros, manipulative .com pumpers full of shills and moderation to alter our perception of .com Vs. newTLDs.

Below I provide screenshots of a typical troll (there are more – not included in screenshots), where my response to his (ALWAYS immediate, after publishing, btw), comment is not allowed. Yet, other peoples, including another of mine, at the bottom, are allowed.

domainnamewire.com censors comments
Calling out a troll for his lies, moderator won’t publish / waits LONG TIME (so no one sees or can communicate in an ‘internet’ fashion with me). “Your comment is awaiting moderation” still, after 2 hours…as usual, the shills get to pile in first…there is no communicating when your posts are all moderated and take all day.

“It’s first come first served”, what an ironic quote, wish I could comment about how that is NOT how domainnamewire works…And now look at some of what he DID allow…

domainnamewire.com doesn't allow all comments to show up
OHH this is my last comment, almost an hour after my FIRST comment, which he won’t publish because any response by “them” would be futile against *actual* facts. Many other trolls/bashers approved ahead of me as well. So WHY is this last comment by me allowed? BECAUSE it makes me look like an IDIOT without the CONTEXT of the first one, or my WHOLE STORY. See, manipulative moderators all around – STAY AWAY!

This is what’s wrong with the world. STAND UP, quit those that throttle the truth while letting the SH!T flow free! DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME ON THESE RAGS THAT SILENCE AND MANIPULATE OUR INTERACTIONS DUE TO THEIR OWN BIASES! These fools can’t even begin to handle the whole truth anyway, they are closed off to it, as I have shown.

Can you post blog reviews on namepros.com?

After 11 views, the answer is a resounding ‘NO’. No reviewing blogs on namepros. You won’t find truth there – I was scammed from and stolen from by multiple members, for the most minuscule things, over and again.

namepros closed thread
Closed without a reason given.

It’s true, I had “PROS” scam me over a $1 domain. They taunted me while having it, calling it a “$1 domain” over and over. I’ll have you know, a lot of the BEST domains were registered for FREE! Incompetence runs wild on that forum. That same ‘PRO’ openly abused coupon codes to register 1000’s of domains using fake alias for $1 over and over. Other pros ran to his defense, championing themselves as the “PRO”.

They gloated about all of it, spread lies within their circle about me while having stole a domain registered on my behalf (WHILE I WAS WORKING ON HIS “DOMAIN BROKERING” SITE, none-less). That’s right, stole AND deleted my domain after taunting me with it for MONTHS on namepros with the other “PROS”! He didn’t want to give it to me, I fought long hard hard just to get him to DELETE IT! I had to threaten to SUE him because it was not “HIS”, as everyone had said. He registered ON MY BEHALF, it was a WRITTEN agreement, GOOD AS GOLD…hopeless fools.

SCAMMER SITE, BEWARE. Don’t PAY for EXTRA accounts. PAY to play (IE: scam, troll and deceive with multi-accounts).

Once I had a moderator belittle me, saying “this should be good”, when he told me I was allowed to post a similar thread in the adult section, one of my own. I followed his direction, and linked their similar thread to mine and guess what? REMOVED. Moderator won’t even allow me to link to MY OWN THREAD from one to another.

CLOSED per the usual. Try to offering an actual ‘domaining’ service on namepros – YOU CAN’T. I posted this in the ‘SERVICES’ section, A MOD MOVED the post to the ‘domain buy/sell’ sub-forum (wrong) , then closed it, again, without a reason…just like domainnewswire, always trying make me look like an IDIOT!

Like I said, scam after scam. Not only for $1, but $2 too. I was in the chat, and a new member with a beginner tech site was asking for writing help. I offered an article for $2. He took it, put it on his site then told me I was not getting paid, it wasn’t good enough. To which I then said, “remove the article.” He replied, “No, it’s mine, keeping it on the site, just not paying you for $h!t.” Same story as my stolen “$1” domain, yet another multi-account scammer allowed to scam freely.

If you like getting scammed over $1 and $2, namepros is for you! All they care about is selling multiple gold accounts to the (wannabe) domainers that wish to troll, self-promote, and scam with more than 1 account.

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