NTLD Value: You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet

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Domain name sales for all of history amount to $1.9b according to namebio.com…

Sales are recorded back to 1997 – but only 1 sale that year. That’s not reality. Let’s err on the side of caution. Call it an educated guess but, we are unaware of most sales.

We do know though, factually, there are $2b of sales during a 20yr period. I’ll assume we only know 1/5th of actual sales. Spin the number however you like, as it will hardly matter regarding the forthcoming.

Now then: simple math. $2b of known sales may be 1/5th of reality = $10b in assumed domains sales…that’s over 20 years time! Divide $10b (assumed total sales) over 20 years and we realize $500m in domain sales per year.

One last data-point to check ourselves: $152.3m in sales were reported during the last 12 months. Everything seems kosher. Also note, while .com accounts for most historical sales, we are including ALL extensions in the above statistics.

statistic id266249 google  annual advertising revenue 2001 2019.png - NTLD Value: You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet
In relation to Google Ad spend…domain sales are nothing! A line representing yearly domain sales relative to Google Ad spend is not possible…it would just look like 0, the bottom base-line.

Okay, Google Ads is huge! Why do I show it? That pie is sitting at the same table as you! Domainers have been feeding on crumbs whilst providing the cherries!

I could show the revenue of almost any other industry and make domains look like dust in the wind. What can we compare it to? Actual dust in the wind of course – fireworks!

firework sales.jpeg - NTLD Value: You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet
This graph represents only American firework sales (by year).

Americans blow of $1b in fireworks…on one day. Literal dust in the wind! Meanwhile – half that for domainer sales – per year. Are you laughing yet?

Given what a domain can do for a business, something doesn’t add up.

Perhaps it’s obvious? Domainers always undersold. The herd mentality – they merely settled for ‘status quo’. As a whole, they were unable to demonstrate the value of their own assets!

.Comers sold their best real estate for a pittance! They’re too late to capitalize now. The value president is cemented. Their ‘gold mine’, now just a ‘strip mine’. They barely covered fuel costs…They were blowing their load via ‘outbound’ when they should have been laying-in-wait! They made their own bed, right? A premium domain should be a Malibu mansion!

What happened? They squandered it. They didn’t educate end-users well enough. They got bent over for whatever mega-corps offered. Domainers held most of the cards, and they blew it! This whole industry should be ashamed of the numbers! They’re not though – each is only a tree within the forest.

It’s a brave new world. Domainers have one last chance. Yes, merely by reading this, armed with this knowledge means there’s still a chance! Beleive it though, it’s not the ‘old way’. .Com wears cement shoes. The data speaks for itself. Mistakes were made. Are you going to keep listening to ‘them’, as they clutch to their few remaining .coms?

During the last year, the average .com sold for 1.4k…Similarly, the average nTLD sale is 4k! nTLDs are proving them wrong! They undersold – it can not be overstated. Couldn’t they figure this out at their conferences? .Com investors blundered as a whole, period.

Relative to everything else, domains were clearly undervalued!

Alas, as the .com domain dynasty draws to an end, in hindsight, they got wrecked in a game of “Go Fish”.

NEW Top Level domainers are moving ahead to play “Gin” and .comers are shitting their pants! It’s like they don’t even know the rules! That’s right – they’re dealing themselves out!

NTLDs bring a whole new dynamic! The rules have totally changed. The way sites rank will determine value more than anything else! Despite what you or I think, like it or not, Google pilots this ship now!

EMD.png - NTLD Value: You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet
Ignore the empirical evidence at your own peril…

Today we’re at the precipitous of the domain investing frenzy! It’s going to be ridiculous; everybody will scramble for a showcase portfolio! They will need it too, as ‘proof’ of their branding ‘expertise’!

EWUGmxEVAAM9bCx.jpg - NTLD Value: You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet
The stealth phase is freshly behind. As mega-corps buy up registries, we are in the middle of an awareness phase. Only once these mega-corps are positioned, having their nTLDs ‘live & in the bag’, they spark the media attention. About 2 years at most, I suspect, for the bears to completely lose their grounding.

The beauty of it, even though there are 1,000+ nTLDs, there are not many NEW premium domains to dilute the market! If you really get into researching ‘how many premium domains exist’ within any given nTLD, you’ll realize – most of them have perhaps 100 premiums – give or take 100 – LOL. While most nTLDs are concise, that precise context yields only a handful of worthy totalities! The few ‘worthy ones’ – we might as well call super-premiums!

Clearly, don’t let their valuations skew your reasoning!

The .com parrots continue to squawk, “registries are the only ones making big sales”. .Comers use will use any context to circumvent and distract from reality! As if WHO owns a domain absolutely dictates the value! Oh, wait – IT DOES – LOL…the beauty of domaining. My point is: don’t let their unremarkable past set precedent for our future. Don’t let them cut us off at the knees!

domain comic
Frank Schilling & Rick Schwartz – domaining terrorists.

Right? Who, more than anyone, set these value precedents, to begin with? And what does their argument mean? It means registries are humiliating those ‘domainers’ at their own game! .Comers hate the new registries because of it!

Verizon, the .com registry is making ~$1b gross yearly revenue selling .com at ~$8 ea…Uhh, hello? Knock knock. Anything in there? It seems your registry is doing better than you too! Crikey! While the above example is sort-of comparing apples to oranges, given the structure of each, it’s the nearest best example. Basically, domainers get beat by nickel-and-dimers.

Comers always balk at the ‘high pricing’ of some premium nTLD domains, but perhaps it’s their predisposed idea of VALUE that we should be questioning!

Who is buying nTLD?

Google, Amazon, WordPress, GoDaddy…they’re investors. They own many premium domains for their personal use. Google bought driverless.car & selfdriving.car. There are many other examples. Large companies don’t invest in the light-of-day! They’re doing this behind you back!

EXv XKDX0AApZXr.jpg - NTLD Value: You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet
How did you perceive ‘investing’ in general? Wake up! Value is not realized under volume! Contrary – it’s built during the most illiquid hours!

Anyone other than a registry owning a good nTLD is not something they will come to terms with. Read that last sentence again. They’re in complete denial! They can’t believe a ‘regular’ domain investor might have taken this bull by the horns. They hate us for it! Talk the way I do, and you’ll see.

“The most difficult task in the world is to reach the minds of men who hate you.”

-Theodore H. White
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