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Comers claim new Top Level Domains “leak traffic” to the .com – free ‘mistaken’ traffic. You need to know what this TOXIC traffic really does to the ‘beneficiary’, .com…

Most of this ‘mistaken traffic’ comes from users who previously visited the nTLD then try returning, except they type-in the .com version in error – user error is, almost exclusively, the contributing event.

As an aside, I’m just ITCHING for challenges regarding my nTLD vs .com EMD CTR claims. I don’t want to spoon-feed it. I want to prove it in practice. That is, if you want to learn A LOT, you are going to learn first-hand. I have tried putting ‘real hard data’ out there. I don’t like the trolls claiming it’s faked – it’s disgusting, this industry. You aren’t going to taunt me baselessly, and then fade away to disappear like a fart in the wind. You’re going to put some skin in the game if you want to play with me. Enough of the challenges…

Point made. And why all that? To prove how sure I am – the benefit of owning an nTLD is it’s higher CTR! If only out of curiosity, users tend to click the new Top Level Domains! Users are directed, mostly, by the hyperlinks they encounter – NOT by leaked traffic!

What about those few leaks then, what happens with them? Does the .com capture the attention? NO. The surfer immediately recognizes their error. They BOUNCE from the .com site. And while having been previously exposed to nTLDs, they realize, the website they *meant* to visit must be something else. Perhaps they figure it out…I’m here to tell you, they probably will…and going forward, evermore.

The lucky .com that just received the ‘free’ traffic? Not pretty. They got bounced. Their time-on-site craters. The more ‘mistakes’ web-surfers make, the more *harm* to the .com version. The nTLD decimates the .com on every front, including wrecking its analytics data & burdening their support!

The top signals evaluated by Google are being decimated by this ‘mistaken’ traffic! Their analytics plummet, and SERPS tank as a result. The more advertising the nTLD does, the more ‘toxic traffic’ leaked to the .com counterpart via type-in! Meanwhile, the nTLD enjoys all the benefits that are intrinsic to them! .COM cant wield these weapons – not now, and not ever!

What about the traffic lost by not owning the .com?

Surely we shouldn’t focus on one side! That lost traffic is worth something too, in the ‘right hands’. There are some crumbs on the .com table still…everything doesn’t change overnight!

Today, nTLD sites are losing some customers by not owning .com – but only for now! Perceptions are shifting: the most pertinent point for investors’ purposes.

Beloved by boomers, .coms ARE getting trampled on by a *new* generation of users. Don’t be fooled by their deceptive arguments, designed to misinform the ILL-INFORMED. They are parroting propaganda among themselves in closed-door cultist echo chambers! You need to see it for yourselves! Make websites! Get your own data; don’t trust the old status quo – which is now often regurgitated as propaganda.

Awareness is growing. nTLDs are being seeded into the minds of many. Do you want to invest in the old status quo, or in the evolution?

The value and success rate of an exacting nTLD will result in .com becoming only an afterthought – the ‘less effective’ asset to own – 2nd-rate & fading away…

“Leaking traffic” is their version of the Boogieman!

Be proactive; arm yourself with knowledge and embarrass them out of the conversations with actual facts! Always ask yourself: is a user trying to push conjecture as fact while avoiding/moderating out actual facts? In the case of .comers, the answer is a resounding YES! If you know what to look for, you’ll notice, they commonly dismiss real facts with their own lies!

They will flat out ban you from their forums & circle-jerk blogs for talking the way I do here! They don’t like being pushed around and picked out! They don’t WANT you to see ANOTHER point of view. They call you ‘snowflakes’ behind your backs, and coddle you as such, taking you under their wings of deceit!

There are only a few true nTLD advocates – the sharks, with apex instincts and calculation. The rest – .comers, flu-stricken turkeys, now flailing around in the changing tide of a digital ocean.

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