King sir, you Ordered the Crow?

A showcase of successful NEW Top Level Domains being used to promote and operate; also, historical snippets of ‘pro’ gaffe, as they ridiculed our mental integrity…

Most domainers fail to understand a fundamental concept – it’s not ABOUT what every other moron owns. It’s about *YOUR* domains. Domains, each one, unique, it’s very own; forget ‘domains’, think *domain*. You don’t throw blanket statements around in this industry! If we abide by such philosophy, everyone should stay away! Why? Because ‘by the numbers’, .com registration fees are ~10x more than the aftermarket sale values!

There are, IDK, 500 BAD domains for a single worthwhile one (it’s subjective…)? Many fail. Those that succeed, succeed consistently. They ‘BEAT THE MARKET’. Pimp-loving cuckold domaining dolts can’t wrap their heads around this concept!

Many NEW Top-level Domainers have been banned and moderated out of the aged ‘domaining’ websites for passionately disputing / turning-the-tables on com’r ‘facts’. Packed up the ass with .com domains, they coddle their own, creating echo-chambers of deception – for submissive snowflakes only. Figurative herds of sheep are fleeced for every dollar by following these ‘pros’, registering foolish .coms in VAIN.

Now they change their usernames and tune. Their transformation, a new handle, alas, still just Mr. Unknown. Their old names – abandoned in shame. They are, and ever will be, RanDUMs – bumbling hypocrites without a domain & website of their own; they’re unwilling to adopt an identity.

They have NO BRAND THEMSELVES. Nothing to OPERATE from. They are farts in the wind. Their handles might as well be ‘JOE BLOW’ – hey, they all sound the same! They have no concept of hard work, passion, and the ability to SHOW SOMETHING for it; domainers are WHIPPED!

MANY hide behind these disposable usernames, trying to look smart among their flock of parrot friends. They sing hymns of blind praise, only to please their pimps, “.com is king”! Yes, that song…it’s fading with them…just as echos do.

These same ‘domainers’ typically opt to spam everyone they can imagine, asserting ‘how badly’ each biz needs to buy their particular .com domain. You may know the type, the ‘flavor of the day’ domainer. Yes, they flock to heavily moderated – with great bias – propaganda forums, like Namepros, in search of the magic words. As if they could speak to everyone the same way and get the same result…And they wonder why they can’t get laid? LAME pickup line bros… WHY can’t you personalize it, and make it real? Too busy FAILING?

Just like *every other* FACELESS spammer in my inbox…NEWSFLASH! All spam looks the same: no website to show!

Their world, and their reach, is NOT as BIG as they think…

Here you will find the chronicle of a fall; .coms fading into irrelevancy.

domain king eating crow
I think he’s a great philosopher, however, he’s stubbornly wrong about nTLDs. He has to lead many newbies astray, while the big fish devoured their lunches. “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.” – Warren Buffet

The WHOLE WORLD would love you to conform: “If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all.” <- I say BS to that!

Don’t let the crony’s walk all over us and get away! EXPOSE them, let history know these types EXIST. They live for their pocketbook! The bigger it is, the harder is it for their ego to recede.

Too bad though, they have to take all the newbies into their ‘backrooms’ for chatter, away from any strongly worded opposing views. The scoffing has us *cringing* at the thought of providing OUR data. Too many are opposed; they often broke their own rules, to ridicule us. They let others break their rules to do the same.

The lame will get caught with their pants down, having been bent over while holding bags of .com overburden.

You may guess, yes, I AM going to use their own words against them. It’s as simple as that.

That’s right. To the domainers of yesteryear, the farts in the wind, the parrots, and the greedy deception: I am here to preserve your examples of ignorance!