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nTLD site traffic, almost equal to ‘followers’ on social media, takes time to grow. nTLD sites wont rank like .com sites, which have been around a long time. Again, it takes time for ranking and to create a ‘following’. Widely accepted SEO ranking factors alone should allow you to realize why nTLD adoption seems slow going. Now though, we are in the midst of a change in perception…

Many will blindly claim, “No, focus on .com! It is king! It won’t go anywhere, they could all end up failing!”

The fact remains, many of them are indeed growing. Perhaps now beyond some expectations? The fuel…

Millions of people whom left sites like Facebook and Twitter are fueling these nTLD sites. The reason is RAMPANT (especially on domaining sites). The problem: Sites unfairly moderate WHO and what ads users see based social manipulation and a LUST for ill-gotten gains! You can see a little of what I mean here. This happens almost everywhere. Most people don’t know whom they promote or what bidding they are ultimately slaving for.

ALMOST ALL corporate psychos are paying themselves and Wall Street $billions while most blue-collar workers hardly earn minimum wage. These sleazy monsters have one thing in common: they operate on .COM!

As I said, ESPECIALLY in our industry, those like Frank Schilling, who has lead a lavish life while owning and selling some of the most premium EARLY nTLDs such as .link, .pics and so many more…

Frank Schilling, In the midst of starting Uniregistry, and despite BEST advice GoDaddy and others, had jacked up the price 1000% on some his ‘NEWEST TOYS’. The man is NOT an ambassador! In fact, he pumps .COM up in his blog, with total disregard for nTLD. HE DOESN’T WANT YOU TO INVEST! Again, UP to 1000% HIGHER IN PRICE, screwing early investors into NEW $120-$1000+ fees! <- Not nice.

I see his new promotions, at Namesilo which happens to be a sponsor at Namepros. 1st year at the OLD price. Don’t be FOOLED by ‘fancy’ discounts at the registry level! Stay away from those whom RECKLESSLY mismanage OUR ASSETS.

Ya, Frank, now dying to lower prices! I see the promotions, trying to weasel back into a more realistic $20 domain! I’d bet your buddies picked up some of the best dropped names. I hope that nobody except me sells your domains!

This industry has worked against many, and now we, the many, have a new goldmine. And it isn’t illiquid .com – that’s a strip mine!

Be biased in actions, and reckless with money, which has happened, and you see, users will flee!

These ongoing nTLD success will soon make .com seem as relevant as .dog or ANY of the 1000’s of new upcoming ideas, maybe .corn! I’d love to own Uni.corn!

Sooner than you probably believe, this growth is going past any linear expectations. Millions of terrible .coms will drop. WE ALL KNOW THIS WOULD HAPPEN NATURALLY, AS .COM HAS BEEN SATURATED.

There will 100s of websites any individual recognizes in the future (as opposed to maybe 10 today). Soon most everyone will have a website, as natural as social media is now!

Are you going to be a clever and recognizable with new site? Or are you going to be silly and try branding on a dying .com?

People argue with me this or that, pointing to sales data and what not. I have REAL data. Domains are MEANT for websites after all. Ya, sites built on nTLD, getting 15-25% CTR! Let me buy yours.

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