Furquan Ahmed

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On a 111 page thread, an announcement was made. Rob Monster suggested the Christchurch mosque massacre was a “staged event”. Of pertinent interest, also on page 1, his support for white supremacists right to ‘free speech’ is discussed. This accusation stems from the fact that he hosted gab.com and other ‘white supremacist stronghold’ sites under his registrar, Epik.com.

User Furquah publicly defends his Muslim religion, shunning Epik.com for their political stance, proudly pronouncing, “For me Epik is no more.”

epik furquah - Furquan Ahmed
Not even after a year of defending his Muslim religion, he now works for Epik.com!

ALMOST as hypercritical as Rob Monster himself, owner of Epik.com & frequently at NamePros.com! Why would anyone use these companies? Is this how Muslims operate; BY SELLING THEMSELVES to those they SHUN? He now works for Epik.com!

Let me tell you, Furquan: in my religion, it is written, what spoils a man, is that which comes from his mouth. You sir, are spoiled.