Frank (Schill)ing

Mr. Frank_Schilling, owner of Uniregistry and many nTLDs is not an ambassador. He has done ALMOST NOTHING to promote ntld, in fact, on his blog he just PUMPS .com!

While he had the PRIVILEGE of owning some of the best and early nTLD such as .link, .pics (and many more), in the midst of starting Uniregistry, he raised the price on DOZEN nTLD by 1000%, STRIPPING them from investors hands.

I gave a .christmas as a gift to a needy kid, taught him wordpress and we made a site together. Frank Schilling raised the price, and took the domain from us, cuz kid can’t afford $120/yr, nor would I. That domain was registered by someone else once dropped too, btw, and somehow I think it was him. He had his eye on the domains he wanted while he jacked some prices over $1000/yr.

This man is making money HAND OVER FIST in domains, and he SCREWED US SMALL GUYS. Some of his domains went from a semi-reasonable $100 to $1,000+ – basically STOLE THEM. $900 MORE per year for a domain – common, why Frank?

tld zone stuffing
Notice the ‘blip-up’ just before JAN ’17? That’s Christmas. Imagine buying your kid a domain to teach him about the ‘business’…Of course, there are no more -blip-ups- at Christmas with EXORBITANT $100-$1000 YEARLY FEES. UNREALISTIC! Notice a couple years ago, the drastic drop? HE was STUFFING the zones and as he raised the prices, the ‘fake domains’ got deleted. This happened across MANY of his nTLD. HE SOMEHOW registered MORE THAN HE WAS ALLOWED BY CONTRACT to create a ‘false sense of use’.

That’s right, he did this without spending much REAL money on promoting. The guy is GREEDY. He is letting the OTHER nTLD registry do the promoting. He is trying to get his domains back down to a more reasonable price by offering 90% discounts (the old, reasonable price) though namesilo (ironically a namepros sponsor?). You can even renew .christmas for $36 now! This is AFTER he RIPPED them from us with the HIGHER fee for some time.

GoDaddy and others won’t even sell those tainted domains. Try to buy a .christmas or any of the dozen of other extensions that he jacked up from GoDaddy…you can’t, and for the very reasons I present – he’s a $hitbag!

It goes A LOT deeper too, but I can’t show all my aces unfortunately…Still, have a look at a FEW HONEST registries, how HONEST TLDs SHOULD look:

See the difference? He is a FRAUD, and needed to get out. PLUS HE SCREWED ACTUAL LEGIT investors with the 1000% increase at the same time, CAN YOU IMAGINE?

He MAY try to weasel out of even OWNING these spoiled TLDs in the future. Some of his TLDs will FOREVER BLEED money. The ultimate result? Throwing the burden right back to ICANN due to his INCOMPETENCE and GREED. You think he’ll be held accountable? HA, the only one seemingly BRAVE enough to say something is ME. How Frank Schilling, owner of 24 TLDs among 300 registries, is THE BIGGEST nTLD LOSER! That’s right, it’s pathetic, check his stats:

Getting stomped.

I see you are doing MISERABLY in relation to everyone else! Are you struggling financially? I read your .com portfolio is valued somewhere between $500M-1B. If that’s true, why did you HAVE SCREW ME…no patience? Bad business decision, pass it on to your loyal ‘investors’? Pure and UTTER GREED? What is it?

He’s flush in .com as is his buddy, Rick Schwartz, the self-proclaimed “domain king“…well, more like, Mr. “nTLDs are TRASH (but I own some .apps)!”

These 2 are NOT out to help nTLD, but instead, manage them SELFISHLY and RECKLESSLY while SPEWING PROPAGANDA.

I believe he owns NAMEPROS (looking for more evidence, please).

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