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Transparency disclaimer: I listened to 1 of Michael Cygers Sherpa shows in my whole life – hated it. I viewed perhaps 1 other of his articles on DNacademy. I never tried posting on his site previously (that I recall). I never have spoken or wrote a single bad word about him – never mentioned his name. And presumably, he doesn’t know me from Adam.

CTR is a weighty metric for Google ranking. CTR means Click Through Rate. CTR shows how many people CLICK your SERP result, having seen it on the display page.

CTR is largely dependent on the domain name you use! The only other real factor is how well the meta description is written, which would provoke a click. Meta is beyond the scope here, but I think we can agree, people are looking at the domain to decide whether to click or not.

A lot of old-school, .com’r domainers don’t like talking about CTR anymore. Why? Because it doesn’t suit their propaganda. The particular post that drew my inspiration is: Why Exact Match Search Volume and CPC Metrics Matter. My comment, posted below, was disallowed (pure the usual – they can’t have you see another POV or expand on the discussion with pertinent facts).

I scanned this writing…

An exact search is very important. Since the fall of PPC, EMD domains aren’t regarded so highly anymore. I believe nTLD EMD creates a perception of authority, in some cases. A 1 word .com is fine, but a connection spanning the dot (nTLD) DOES spark curiosity. I have a few sites, build on nTLD EMD, where the CTR is much higher than .com.

I am not looking for a fight, or even to prove I’m right. I know for myself. That said, I reiterate, all things equal, the nTLD will get about a 100% higher CTR (lots of dynamics though…just, in general). CTR is a ‘getting the foot in the door’ metric. CTR is just like a surface finish. It won’t help you rank in the long run if the website isn’t above and beyond. All metrics can be useless if your site doesn’t retain and convert.

A domain and website are like what the right hand is to the left. If everyone turns right around after setting foot in your store, Google realizes it…Suddenly CTR doesn’t mean a HOOT since you aren’t going to be listed high in the results…in that case, however, the exact search volume for your domain doesn’t matter either! You need to be aware that Google is MORE aware, and you aren’t fooling them anymore. Enduser needs to provide, and the domain is just their FIRST step, no matter its intrinsics.

So far: search volume to CTR…

Actually, though, a website execution isn’t the domains/domainers problem…SELLING the domain, however, is. A little ‘authority’ yourself makes all the difference. Every domainer would benefit from making their own site, and explaining some of these technicalities in the open…don’t be ‘fly by night’ (if you’re serious). Domaining outbound is no better than spam. You are leaving an email – no website – just like every other spammer. A lot more could be said, I digress.

You need to be able to explain to someone, perhaps, WHY/WHAT (any given) domain can do for their business. Many ‘end-users’ haven’t a clue…just a dream. Many of them need you to work with them more than your particular domain. If you are prepared to provide guidance, they are inclined to buy. Think like: customer service.

Domainers who like making predictions should be building websites. Understand the search engines. Understand the Search volume and the CTR for any given domain. Understand that it’s only like a can of paint, waiting to be applied.

So, what if you manage a beautiful site, what’s the next thing to look at? Conversions. Almost every site has something to sell, directly or indirectly. The ‘authority domain’ got their foot in the door, and the inside needs to look as good as the outside to convert.

Bear with me…this all ties together. It’s ignorant to look at search volume + CPC without CTR – now, more than ever, with the advent of nTLD!

When it comes to actual ‘execution’, it’s all about conversion rate – getting people to click (internally) on what you want them to click. Without conversion success, again, other factors don’t matter.

Conversion is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. You 1) got their foot in the door 2) convinced them with your execution. Now, 3) sell it.

The KEY to doing this successfully is a combination of all 3! If you’re converting higher than comp, you can outbid them for EVERY KEYWORD, if you choose to advertise (recommend). Since you have the 3 keys: Search volume, CTR, conversion, you absolutely dominate everyone on the margin. One shortfall within a metric will skew the data of the other parts!

Also, call it a gut feeling because I talk vaguely, but if you dig, empirically, Google IS and WILL continue to give more weight to EMD domains. Further, many have/will claim that nTLD is irrelevant, I disagree.

All resources equal, nTLD outrank – I’m not saying so just to say so. It’s a topic here – Search volume. EMD exist on nTLD too. You may apply all principles to them and get better result. I am only saying out of experiences. .com is not getting a favor. Perceptions change. I am looking at hard data. The only argument .com’rs have is ‘perception’. Perceptions change…

I’m happy. You’ve now had a chance to read my opinion, regardless of what Michael Cyger *wants you* to see! New developments/weights in SEO and metrics are often neglected in their posts, they merely promote OLD ideas, neglecting the new – because the new stuff favors nTLD! Let me explain…

CTR relates MORE than ever when calculating value alongside search volume & CPC! I hope you can realize, your ‘keyword EMD’ (very much the topic of his entire post) *may* receive 10,000 searches a month. That doesn’t convert to 10,000 visits to your site! What you need is a *good* CTR for search volume to even be relevant! You need people to *click* your domain!

In my own tests, and even a few in the know agree, CTR has played a bigger role in SERPS than previously. Let’s not get into all that here…

He blatantly left out CTR, the middle part, a CRITICAL part of a value metric that he is trying to push down your throat. Why? It doesn’t suit his agenda of pumping .com! That’s right. CTR should be considered BETWEEN Search volume & CPC. Imagine the flow: Search volume = eyes on listing > CTR = how many people *actually* click > CPC = how much $ you stand to earn.

You see, it’s ignorant and misleading to remove CTR from the equation, because it’s a direct measure of how much *actual* traffic you get…The other metrics aren’t very telling, unless you consider ALL 3 together!

Anyways, .com is NO LONGER the defacto TLD! In the past, these .com’ers could assume it’s a .com. Thus, justifiably, dismiss CTR as irrelevant. You have the com, there’s nothing more to consider. That is, if everyone is using the .com, there are only a handful of EMD (Exact Match Domains) to compete with! Times have changed old man! There are now 100’s of other sharks in your ocean.

Life.online might get MANY more CLICKS than Lifeonline.com, and in that case, their OLD NEWS IS FLAWED. That is, suddenly now, CTR is just as important to weigh in your valuations as volume & CPC! It’s deception by omission because the mention of CTR segways perfectly into nTLD! Like it or not, it’s happing! Ignore at your own peril…

ctr ranking factor 2.png - CTR Matters More Than Ever
An aged observation regarding domains. particularly EMD domains in Google SERPS.

You’re being MISLEAD at best. The info you NEED is being withheld because it draws question to/provokes thoughts of, “well what about nTLD domains”? Our whole society failed because a generation closed their eyes and mouths to empirical data! Politicians and capitalist oligarchs took our jobs, our rights, our means of function, and shipped them out! It’s the result of closed-minded thinking – 0 foresight! A willingness to push the idea of the status quo. Meanwhile, the whole world adapts and eventually, grabs you by the balls! Don’t trust mainstream sites. They DON’T want you to know the truth. They want you to feel like ‘business as usual!’ Most of these ‘types’ would screw a million people for 30 pieces of silver. It’s EXACTLY what the domaining industry EMBRACES – at EVERY level!

Mylife.online would EAT the EMD .com for DINNER, all things similar in search! You are not the *only* defacto TLD at the banquet anymore. It is PRUDENT to consider ALL EMD alternatives! Since nTLD EMDS *can* siphon traffic from EMD .coms, all the old ideas are MOOT without considering the NEW normal! You might have 10,000 searches, but because of BETTER, more exacting alternatives to .com, you only capture a fraction of the bread.

Old news, flawed philosophy. nTLDs throws a new dynamic into valuing a domain – especially EMDS, yes, even .coms! You need to be aware of what the completion is capable of, and put on the best possible suit to get that click! Not all the information is out there to tell you plainly. You need the experience to decern!

It’s fair to point out though, CTR isn’t a metric readily available. I don’t use that as an excuse to dismiss it totally from evaluation, however. With experience in creating websites and tracking analytics, you can ASSUME a CTR for any given domain. Sure, you’d have to be keen and informed. Not all relative data is spoon-fed to you! To succeed, you must reach – go beyond what everyone else knows. You must have an ‘edge’, the knowledge to calculate fully, no matter how veiled the inputs.

In my comment presented above, I didn’t encourage users to ‘create websites’ in vain. The playing field is shifting. You need some auxiliary awareness. You need to be mindful of the options that competitors have available to strong-arm you with a *better* new Top Level Domain. You need to hold a ROYAL FLUSH. A flush of knowledge, experience & awareness – the ability to calculate tangents they may challenge you with! Crush their ability to EVER beat your CTR, and they will fight a miscalculated uphill battle.

Mike isn’t the only one trying to pass outdated data/ideas by you. Take a look at what other SEO sites, outside the domaining sphere, call “comprehensive” reporting – neglectful jokes! Ignorant to disregard nTLD when blogging about these topics today. They have given up bashing to instead now, omission. Don’t let their blunderful reporting/moderation blind you to the WHOLE TRUTH. The truth is, you need to be able to calculate with as much information possible – that means important information you must assume with experience! That’s right. The hard data only gets you so far. You need your OWN INSIGHT TOO.

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