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Beginners can’t know the best domains available because they haven’t checked the 100s of ‘theoretical’ best names in each-and-every ‘new Top Level Domain’ for availability. Unless you’ve spent years studying and cross-referencing availability in each of the 1200+ TLDs, you don’t have enough experience to have a feel for ‘the best available names’. Further, even if you’ve done well with .com, you’re new to nTLDs, hence do not have any foundation for jumping to the ‘next’ domain. After you control domains we register together, you may train your mind for finding better.

Theory is only the easy way of explaining this, as domaining today can be an abstract, ‘thinking all around the box’, skill. If you think like everyone else, you won’t register great domains. If you’ve spent even a day domaining, you know 95%+ of domainers don’t have any good names.

If you hire me to register some of the best available names across many nTLDs, you will own a diversified and inspirational portfolio, within the top 1%! Everyone will wonder how you afforded them all. As time goes on, you’ll see, your domains will become exceedingly popular and you’ll be renowned as a pioneer. Once you realize you own something like a notebook of Leonardo da Vinci sketches, you’ll feel relaxed twice over.

Your perception of a “premium domain” will change from night to day. After you experience the reality of owning a list of nTLDs registered by me, you’ll look forward to the prospect of receive BIG offers! Don’t waver in your convictions with domains, stick with it and let the market figure out, you own top 1% domains.

I can’t promise every domain will be exactly to your taste, but I guarantee that by the 35th one, you’ll look forward to carry on year after year, renewing most for minimal fees. You will be surprised to see 35 excellent domains registered will cost under $1,000/yr. to maintain – you’ll be paying the registry these fees, not me. Each domain has a yearly registration fee, and is typically between $10-$50 ea./yr. And of course, it’s possible that you develop these, then have them pay for itself, and maybe more!

Once we complete my service, you will see, your 35 domains will feel like a royal flush at a table full of fish!

To be fair, it’s first come first served. I could do this all myself. For me, this is about teaching someone new. You may be the only one I ever do this for.

If at any time you don’t think you’re going to end up with a fistful of premium domains, I’ll refund 100% of your money on-the-spot, and keep all domains, guaranteed! I’m so confident in how satisfied you’ll be, that I should be requesting an ‘epiphany’ commission, for when you have yours.

I am selling you 35 domains because in order to register quality, it takes research and time. Since the ‘best’ domains can be based on personal taste too, we work together to tailor your perfect portfolio! It might even take a week or 2 to get in any grove, but 1 month goes fast! 35 domains in 30 days for $1,000 is the only commitment I’m keen to. At this rate, and my special offer below, I might make $100.

I am racking my brain for pennies on the dollar but that’s okay; I want to fast-track you! I want you to spread the knowledge so others may realize the timeless value of domains too! It’s important you hurry, the next 35 won’t be nearly as nice as the prior – LIMITED SUPPLY!

Change the way you look at life today! Simply click BUY NOW below to start receiving premium domains ASAP! Also for a limited time, 1 free website /w connected social media accounts and a $100 credit to my favorite backlink network! Begin crushing the competition!

Lastly, something I read on

Trust is an integral factor in the marketing and sale of intangible products and services. As there is nothing tangible to show customers, trust and integrity become the pillars that support and promote sales. An organization’s credibility is built over time. Prospects favor those organizations that have a large base of loyal customers. Loyalty often represents the faith that customers have in the organization as a result of previous interactions.

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