.Brand Usage – The Facts

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All the time, .com’rs cheer and tout every .brand failure. I’m not sure how many failed. About in the last 6 years. There are 550 that exist. Some are bound to fail. Matter of fact.

Simply, you are being lied to by mainstream domainers. Judge for yourself.

.Com’rs ‘don’t see any’ (.brand domains), because they Don’t LOOK. There are over 1.7 billion websites on the internet. How many can they name? Maybe a few hundred?! They play ignorant and avoid the facts. They only see what they want! Domainers hate NTLD and are in complete denial. Worse though, they write you, on their forums and blogs, the results of their (non-existent) investigation – propaganda.

Neustar released their .brand report for 2020, inside you’ll read: During 2019, 18,722 domains were registered within the 550 .brands. Of those, 12,509 had active websites, as of DEC 31.

You do the math. Is that failing?

I went looking for myself too. I wanted to see these sites for myself.

I went to ntldstats.com/tld and started at #477, then went down the list. I skipped .Neustar for ya (not trying to be a wiseguy)… All others though, in order, included below:




.gmx = NONE




.lamborghini = NONE that I see among the 232 geo usage redirects, ie: riyadh.lamborghini






…Then I got tired. I saw enough. If you need more, go look. They exist. Just type in Google: site:.tld

So yea, practically all of them had MANY nice sites – more than 2. Nice sites.

Of the 13 .brands listed above (in order, top-down), 1 of them (.gmx) had no use. Then, I found 232 unique URLs for .lamborghni, each a GEO-target, which redirected to a specific page on their .com. I wasn’t about to look for a stand-alone website within 232 domains.

It seems clear, the “no use” industry narrative is completely false. Is the extensive usage of over 80% (in my sample) failing? Maybe using a ‘redirect’ to their existing website, partners site, and business social media accounts, is your proof of failure? Some use social.brand redirects instead of facebook.com/thisismystupidlongurls123 for all social media accounts. Are they stupid for that?

What do ‘domainers’ expect? 550 companies to have a MILLION websites? 100% perfection? Who’s the stupid one? A narrow-view and blissful ignorance doesn’t justify insistent claims of “no use”. Out of their ignorance, they are deceiving others! Don’t play coy. Stop lying – almost all of you!

I’ll remind you, many of these individual companies have developed DOZENS of websites with their .brand. That’s a lot of work. Perhaps you should get in contact with them for a statement (of what they think about the new domains in general), rather than post your personal conjecture? It doesn’t matter what you ‘think’, after all.

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