Preamble: AI is Going to Brand You

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Google is an advanced AI, beyond your comprehension. It can read, comprehend, and connect the dots better than you can. It reads what you say, and it reads what I say about you. Content on your blog or mine – it does not matter! You won’t hide.

As AI evolves, as the past unravels, it continues to realize your bias and misleadings. You’ll lose credibility when what I’ve been trying to tell you comes true – someplace other than your blogs since you knowingly ‘moderate’ me away. Yes, you are a fool to think Google does not understand, even today.

Here I am, calling you out by name. You’ve failed to squelch me, to your dismay.

Soon domaining and personal websites will become fashionable. Everyone will strive to create a legacy of their own; even if it only results in a grade by the AI overlord, etched in one’s family tree.

Soon the computers will inform you and everyone else on who you really are. It’s checkmate already. Our data is preserved – forever. You’re left pleasing a computer – not the other way around…

You’ll be generalized and branded as a deception. Your works will be blacklisted, perhaps before you’re 6′ under. You don’t think your website might last forever? Your ‘legacy’, for your family, to inherit and nurture? You’re short-sighted. You don’t understand the timelessness of literature, and our ability to index and preserve it forever.

Think about that, you might be a spoiled apple on your ancestral tree, as explained by AI.

As the things that I say make more sense given hindsight, my writings (in lieu of comments on your blogs) will siphon your traffic away…forever slowly – you’ll probably never understand why. All I have to do is write in a way to compete with you, the ‘other blogs’. Since my comments are not allowed on your sites, I am driven to comment on your deceptive articles here instead. I didn’t want to. But you, your suppressive sites have pushed me to.

Your moderation is vanity.

I make it known, that ‘other blogs’ moderate strictly, so much so, that are merely propaganda. You will fail, not because of me, but by your own misdoings. The computer, whom everyone will trust, is going to brand you a loser – eternally.

It’s all about your motives. It’s about your own ego – and that is your weakness. suppressing speech as you cheerlead for ‘free speech’…Not really. You run cultist utopias of vainglorious grandstanding.

You fear that I may be dangerous to the perception of your audience. What else are you protecting them from? Do you think they can’t decide for themselves? No, you’re afraid of someone disagreeing with you. Do you think I might actually trash your blog?

Well now, I am.

The AI strives to evolve, and you restrict its learning about me. You are unable to resolve my opposition to your opinions within your own websites. You’ve reached capacity. You won’t be opposed. Shame…you’re stuck “housekeeping”, unjustly preventing others from gathering to oppose your own views: self-centeredness. You are not hosts for conversations – you are tools.
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