Do you still remember that romantic evening when you met the most handsome and charming man, and are you looking forward to his call?

Even a few hours of waiting can seem like an eternity if you want the long-awaited event to happen as soon as possible. Let’s digress from exciting thoughts, and while he does not call, let’s do something useful!

  • A new acquaintance is in no hurry to invite you on a date? Don’t be upset by people who don’t want to spend time with you. Better give your free hours to those who really need it – mom, sister, faithful friend.
  • Until the young man calls, take care of your body. Sports training is a great way to tone your muscles, cheer you up and … take your mind off thoughts about a man!
  • And why not devote a few hours that could become a date to your beloved? Head to the spa or arrange a beauty day right at home! This will not only help to forget about the young man for a while, but also add self-confidence.
  • By the way, before the cherished bell rang, you have the opportunity to find out how the book that you started reading three weeks ago ended. Seize the moment!
  • Shopping is the most effective cure for any mental illness. Millions of women can’t be wrong. Take your best friend and go shopping in search of a new stylish look!