You probably know that since ancient times, on October 14, Russia has been celebrating one of the main holidays of the golden season – the Protection of the Most Holy Theotokos.

According to legend, it is on this day that autumn meets winter, and therefore many folk signs about the weather are associated with it.

However, the Intercession is also considered a girl’s holiday, because the canvas with which, according to legend, the Most Holy Theotokos covered the parishioners of the temple, praying for peace, is popularly associated with a veil or scarf that covers the bride’s head.

On October 14, all young girls went to the temple to pray for a worthy groom, and they also judged the upcoming marriage according to folk signs. Let’s find out what future brides paid attention to!

  • Did you have a good time on Pokrov? You will find a sweet groom.
  • If a strong wind blows on this day, many girls will get married in the coming wedding season.
  • Did it snow on the cover? Unlimited happiness awaits young people.
  • I put a candle to the patroness of brides, the Mother of God, before the rest, you will marry first.
  • If the matchmakers came to the house on Pokrov, do not refuse them. Otherwise, you will sit in the girls for another three years.