man and woman eatingman and woman eating

What does your man prefer for dinner? His eating habits will tell you what he is like in life and in relationships.

1. Can’t live without sushi, spicy and exotic dishes

Usually such a man knows how to earn money, but it’s hard to call him generous. He is not greedy, rather economical. Flowers for a lady? Yes, it’s just wasted money! Would you like to receive gifts from him? Then it will take a long time to explain their expediency. Fans of spicy dishes are temperamental, have an explosive character, are good in bed, but picky at home. And yes, it is better not to argue with them – a waste of time!

2. Myasoed

Usually such men are called brutal. They love thrills, speed, extreme sports. It is difficult for them to sit in an office chair, meat-eaters prefer dangerous professions: a lifeguard, a pilot, a firefighter …

If he does work as a clerk, then he certainly comes off on a bike or wakeboard in his free time. Able to love passionately and hate just as fiercely. Generous to friends, but ready to tear enemies to shreds! With him, a rich but hectic life awaits you.

3. Sweet tooth: loves cakes and ice cream

Sentimental, good-natured and unforgiving, but … too spoiled: maybe in front of you is a sissy. He loves to talk about himself, loves to be praised. But for a loved one who learns to accept him for who he is, he is capable of anything! Only, probably, you will have to take all the problems on your shoulders.

4. He is for homemade food: borscht, cutlets, pancakes

Usually such men cook well, at least they will definitely fry kebabs in the country. This type has a broad soul and is happy to help everyone. Economic, homebody, with golden hands. He will become a good husband and a caring father. Passionate natures may seem boring, but a quiet and kind girl who appreciates home comfort and family traditions will find a kindred spirit in him.

5. Unpretentious in food and happily eats everything

Knows how to cook, but perceives cooking not as an art, but as a necessity. He loves the simple joys of life: football, TV, fishing, beer … In women, appreciate frugality and thrift. Do not expect surprises and romantic dinners from him. He is stingy with gentle words, a little lazy, but reliable.