Relations between a man and a woman are formed gradually and necessarily go through several successive stages. American psychologists Peter Pearson and Allyn Bader are sure of this. Scientists have determined that every couple in love at the beginning of the novel experiences six important moments in the development of relationships. The fate of the union depends on them.

At what stage of development are your relationships with your loved one now?

An association

You feel like one and absolutely do not pay attention to differences of opinion. Complete understanding?

Spend every free minute together and enjoy romantic communication!


At this stage, the personal interests and beliefs of each of you come first. What’s this? Is it a test of strength in a relationship? Don’t worry so much!

Remember, a few months ago you did not even suspect the existence of each other and lived a completely different life. Mutual reproaches are just another stage, for the successful completion of which you must learn to come to a compromise.


You are no longer in a hurry to go home after a working day, and prefer to spend the evening with friends? Do you suspect your soulmate of cheating? Did you spend your last vacation separately? Your relationship is under investigation!

Now you by all means need to maintain emotional contact with your loved one. Please him with a stunning outfit, cook a delicious dinner, give him a relaxing massage. And most importantly – try not to be offended by a man for nothing. Everything will be up soon!


Now you both know why you want to be together. Nothing threatens your union and, perhaps, it’s time to move on to the implementation of joint plans for the future!


Now you are absorbed in the arrangement of the family nest. Be mindful of each other’s interests and careers!


Congratulations! You have made a great team! Common interests, adorable kids and friends you can always rely on…

The two of you have never been so good together!