Man and womanMan and woman

He recently got divorced. How to determine: is a man ready for a serious relationship or is he just looking for a woman to console himself and have fun?

Revels in your feeling

He showers you with compliments and assures you that he has never met such a woman. Everyone was deceitful, greedy and were not able to understand his subtle spiritual organization. Only you are his faithful companion!

Be careful: this man was blinded by love… literally. He does not see you in the same way that he did not notice his wife before. He is drunk on his feelings, but not so much for you as for himself. And from you he expects blind adoration: it will help him heal his wounds and get back on his feet. If he does not wait for the new companion of worship, then he will leave. First into yourself and then out of your life.

Enjoying freedom

After the divorce, he can live the life he once dreamed of: adventure, travel, non-committal sex. He is very happy with his newfound single life and is looking for a girlfriend who is ready for an open relationship. But if his wife initiated the divorce, he will be tormented by the fact that she made this first step, not him! Now he needs a woman who will gladly follow him, and will obey all his decisions. But don’t count on marriage. He needs everything at once – a good girlfriend and freedom.

Avoids responsibility

As soon as you hint that it would be nice to go somewhere for the weekend, he interrupts: “Let’s not rush, okay? Let’s enjoy today!” Everything is clear: he is afraid that you will drag him to the registry office. And what do most women do in such a situation? Convince themselves: “It’s clear why he behaves this way. His ex treated him so badly. But I’m not like that. He will be fine with me!” Wait. A man who is afraid to spend two days alone with you, afraid that after a joint trip you will force him to go down the aisle, is not yet ready for a new love.

Can’t get over being dumped

The man is at a loss: “No one in their right mind would leave such a wonderful man! I was a great husband!” He cannot understand what made his wife act so barbarously with him. And this is a wake-up call.

A man does not want to honestly look at himself, admit his mistakes and shortcomings. Somewhere in the depths of the subconscious, he understands that not only the wife is to blame for the collapse of the relationship. But he drives such thoughts away, convincing everyone around him and himself that he did everything right, but he was betrayed. Now he is ready to meet with the one who will console him and appreciate him. Resentment will live in his soul for a long time. He’s not in a serious relationship…