Quarreled with a friend? Don’t worry, it happens to everyone.

Let’s not find out who is right in this situation and who is to blame, and immediately move on to reconciliation. “Lisa” will tell you how to improve relations with a friend.

  • Did the conflict happen because of a simple misunderstanding? Do not waste time – call a friend or write an SMS message. To put an end to a small quarrel, it is enough to take the initiative.
  • If you know that you have greatly offended your friend, be sure to apologize and try to arrange a meeting with her on neutral territory. Perhaps you should invite a friend to a cozy cafe, where, over a cup of aromatic coffee, you can calmly talk about the problem and find a mutual solution.
  • Did your friend let you down – refused support when you really needed her help? You shouldn’t be offended. Better try to analyze her behavior. Perhaps the girlfriend could not do otherwise. Once you understand the situation, share your guesses with the offender.
  • If a friend avoids meeting and talking with you, try to use the help of mutual friends. Let them invite your girlfriend to a noisy party or ordinary home gatherings, where you “accidentally” end up too. Surrounded by friends, it will be easier to make peace.