Are you good at keeping secrets? Agree, sometimes it’s impossible to keep any juicy detail from a friend’s life a secret, even if you try very hard.

What to do if there is almost no strength left to keep the intriguing news a secret? Try to use the advice of psychologists.

Connect your imagination

Every time you want to tell someone about a secret entrusted to you, imagine the person whom this secret concerns next to you. In his presence, you will probably feel uncomfortable talking too much.


Do you feel like you’re about to talk? Take a short break. Sometimes two seconds is enough for the topic of conversation to change, and for a while you forget about the secret that haunts you.

Do not listen

If you know you can’t keep secrets, just don’t listen to them. Ask your friends not to tell you about the most intimate.

Keep a journal

Trust all the secrets to your diary. He definitely won’t tell anyone! The main thing is that the notebook in which you write down secrets does not fall into the hands of ill-wishers.

He speaks

You can reveal the secret. However, it is better to tell an unfamiliar person about it, for example, a fellow traveler or a hairdresser. So it will become much easier for you, and the reputation of your friend will remain unsullied.