men in underwearmen in underwear

What underwear does your man wear? This piece of clothing can tell a lot more about the missus than you think …


Who wears. Men who value freedom.

What to expect from them. They will be reluctant to go down the aisle, but if they do get married, then for a long time.

Weak link. Big dreamers are often far from reality.

Boxers and hipsters

Who wears. Strong, self-confident men who are used to achieving their goals in life.

What to expect from them. A long and strong relationship – if you agree to stay in the shadow of your hero and please him in every possible way.

Weak link. Can’t stand tears and other female “things”. In order not to hear sobs, they can give at least half their kingdom!


Who wears. Owners of beautiful torsos and elastic buttocks, prone to narcissism.

What to expect from them. Very unreliable. Easy to meet, just as easy to part.

Weak link. They cannot bear doubts about their exclusivity and irresistibility.

swimming trunks

Who wears. Supermen without fear and reproach – at least they consider themselves so.

What to expect from them. In a state of love, they are the best: they can deliver a lot of pleasure to their partner. Unfortunately, they cool down quickly.

Weak link. Sensitive, responsive to criticism. Very stubborn.

With drawing

Who wears. Creative people with a great sense of humor.

What to expect from them. A round-the-clock holiday, provided that you take care of all the worries in everyday life. Well, they don’t like it!

Weak link. A little selfish, but also infantile and touchy.

Bermuda and parachutes

Who wears. Domestic men, pleasant in every way.

What to expect from them. Faithful and honest, ready to give their companion the whole world, wonderful fathers.

Weak link. Beer on the couch, weekend fishing with friends… all in the spirit of the genre!

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