In the relationship of any couple, sooner or later there comes a moment when beauty and romance give way to everyday life.

Do you think exciting dates and pleasant surprises are left behind forever? But no! It’s time to refresh the relationship and return to their former aesthetics!

“Lisa” offers you several effective ways to awaken a romantic mood in a man. Choose at your discretion!


The most effective way to get what you want is to be direct. Try to refrain from reproaches during a conversation with a partner on the topic of romance, otherwise a sincere dialogue can turn into a “debriefing”.

Appropriate environment

Call your loved one and tell him that a pleasant surprise awaits him in the evening. Of course, it’s not a fact that a man will appear on your doorstep in fifteen minutes with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers. However, he will probably think about the fact that it is time for his beloved woman to give a gift.

nice compliments

Compliment your partner more often, praise and thank him for everything he does for you. A man who feels loved and needed will do everything to make you happy.

romantic sex

Romantic music, scented candles and beautiful lacy lingerie… Your man will never forget such a wonderful evening. And in the morning you can count on a chic breakfast in bed!

sexy clothes

Walking around the house in a washed-out bathrobe or an old tracksuit? In a men’s shirt worn on a naked body, you will look much sexier! Remember, only an attractive and seductive woman can awaken a romantic mood in a man.