1. Go on a city tour

In any, even the smallest and newest settlement, there are places shrouded in legends. Make an interesting route through them, learn interesting facts and invite your soul mate for an unusual walk through familiar places. Of course, you need to end the tour in the most romantic of them.

If you have been together for a long time, take a tour of places that are memorable for you: here you first met, here you kissed. Even the most unsentimental will appreciate it.

2. Feed the ducks in the park

Entertainment that brings back to childhood, causes a lot of delight at any age and is quite inexpensive. If there are no ducks, some sparrow will definitely not refuse the treat.

But it is better not to buy the usual long loaf: bakery products can lead to upset of the gastrointestinal tract in birds. Take with you finely chopped cabbage or non-thermally processed cereals.

3. Play a game in the tech store

In many hardware stores, test samples of game consoles with joysticks or motion sensors are on display for buyers to try them in action and get excited about buying. Go there and fight in a free duel.

The option is not for the shy, because all visitors will see your jumps in front of the screen.

4. Go to a free lecture or workshop

A partner who loves this kind of entertainment will appreciate that you have thought about registering for a free event in advance, since the number of places for them is usually limited, and there are many people who want to. To be meticulous, you can find an event for every taste – from a scientific lecture to extreme sports.

5. Build a sandcastle on the beach

And so that everything is grown-up: not just a wet lump of sand, but a structure with turrets, a moat around and a drawbridge. Otherwise, how will the knight save the princess?

6. Play Dress Up

Strip cards are an obvious idea, try the opposite. The loser must put on some piece of clothing until he can’t move at all. It’s more funny than romantic. But with what speed you will remove everything from yourself at the end of the game!

7. Do something with your hands

Find instructions on how to assemble a serviceable Lamborghini from, for example, glue and sticks. And try to realize the idea. At best, you will be happy with the result, at worst, you will have fun.

8. Host a movie screening

Settling down at home in front of the TV is not the most original idea. So download a romantic movie on your laptop and go to the park or to the rooftop. Don’t forget popcorn or cucumber sticks if you care about your figure.

9. Remember the roof

An open roof isn’t easy to find, but it’s practically a win-win when it comes to romance. Admire the sunset, look at the stars, connect them into your constellations, dance under the moon.

10. Start writing a book about your love

It is unlikely that it will be published, but it will help you remember many touching moments from your personal history.

11. Listen to street musicians

Instead of running past a band playing at a busy intersection, try to get comfortable and listen to the entire show.

12. Ride bikes

Or roller skates, or scooters. The main thing is to choose the transport that you already have, otherwise the rental will make the date not at all budget.

13. Host a movie marathon

Select each of several films that you will watch in a row. The secret to the success of movie marathons is to put your phones away, otherwise one of you will definitely get stuck on social networks and ruin the whole date.

14. Shake off the dust from the old console

Get cartridges with your favorite games from childhood from the mezzanines. Become Chip and Dale, or Mario and Luigi, or tankers. The inability to save will add spice to the entertainment.

15. Teach each other something new

You will be surprised how many people do not know how to make elementary things like a tulip from a sheet of paper. Teach each other these fun but useless skills.

16. Have a picnic

You will definitely find some snack products in the refrigerator, and you won’t have to spend money. But pay attention to the surroundings. A cloth tablecloth, glass plates, and metal utensils will create a very different experience than their plastic counterparts.

If it’s cold or cloudy outside, lay the tablecloth directly on the floor in the apartment. Bad weather is no reason to cancel a picnic.

17. Cook dinner together

It is not necessary to claim the laurels of a Michelin-starred restaurant chef – something simple will be enough. Because, as the cat Matroskin said, joint work unites.

18. Go to a dance party

Many dance schools organize parties with master classes, the entrance to which is either free or has a purely symbolic cost. Even if you do not know how to dance at all, you will not be kicked out in disgrace, but, on the contrary, they will help you master the simplest steps.

19. Work out together

During a street workout, you can pump your body just as effectively as in the gym. And doing it together is even more fun.

20. Walk home

In small towns, this is not a challenge at all, but in some places such a trip can become a real journey, during which you will definitely discover something new.

Just in case, it is better to have money for a taxi with you.

21. Ride a long tram route

Some trips by public transport can replace a sightseeing tour of the city. Choose a bus, trolleybus or tram that runs from end to end of the city and enjoy the views. Please note that rush hour is not suitable for this.

22. Take pictures of each other

Set a goal not to add to your gallery of perfect shots on Instagram*. Shoot each other on your phones, trying to capture real emotions. So you save photos in your gadget that will delight you and remind you why you are with this person.

23. Go to a small and less popular museum

It won’t be free, but it will be very cheap. And probably interesting enough if you carefully choose a museum in advance.

24. Go to the pet store

You don’t have to buy a pet. Just look at the fish, hamsters and other furry store dwellers. It evokes tenderness and exacerbates the feeling of intimacy.

Avoid snake feeding times. A hamster in a snake’s mouth will not cause joy.

25. Catch the rhythm of the city

Sit on a bench in a crowded place and watch what is happening around. Make up stories for passers-by, guess if someone will come to the guy with a bouquet and if the dove will find a piece of loaf thrown to him.