Are you a beautiful, educated, cheerful girl, but still lonely? The cause of this problem may be seven people from your life.

Young couple in sunglasses posing near wallYoung couple in sunglasses posing near wall

1. Your ex

There’s nothing worse than “sort of” breaking up with someone. You are either together or not. It is better to see each other and call up less often, not to mention the fact that in no case should you allow intimate dates. By holding on to a broken relationship, you are not allowing yourself to meet a new person who will be right for you.

2. “Love of your life”

In the life of every girl there is such a character. Maybe it’s your close friend, colleague, yoga teacher or dentist. He is the man at the sight of whom you fainted and with whom you compared all the guys. You’ve known him for over a year and he never made any attempts to get close? What is the reason, you wonder and torment your friends with questions. The answer is banal: he just doesn’t want to. It’s time to say goodbye to dreams about him. While you save yourself for him and worry, he calmly lives his life. Do not waste your time.

Man and woman - photoMan and woman - photo

3. Man from the movie

If you think that true love is just like in the movies, get ready for constant difficulties in your personal life. Healthy relationships rarely start with drama and certainly don’t feel like vanilla dessert. So if you look at you from the outside and understand that “according to the script” this man should leave you or change you, then it’s time to leave your “movie dreams”.

4. Your father

Or someone who made you believe that being loved means being a little princess. If you think that men should shower you with gifts, protect you from adversity and cherish you in every possible way, then you need a dad, not a boyfriend. Relationships should be based on equality: your potential man deserves a full-fledged partner, not a child.

5. Your best friend is gay

There are many relationships in your life that will be far more rewarding than being friends with a gay man. If he is your only friend, then this is probably the best connection you will ever have. And therein lies the problem. While he is with you, there may not be room for others. Make sure you’re not using your friend as a substitute for a relationship with a man and that you’re open to dating straight guys.


6. Your boss

If, no matter what the circumstances, you always answer the calls of your boss, and he takes up almost all of your time, it’s time to think. When a man comes into your life, he wants you to put him first, not a weekend meeting with your boss. Yes, your work is important, but isn’t personal happiness the most important thing for you?

7. You yourself

Most often, women remain single because they live in fear and apprehension. Maybe it’s the fear of putting your profile on the Internet that deprives you of the opportunity to meet a thousand new people? Or is it the fear of rejection? Or are you afraid to put your career on the back burner?

Yes, new acquaintances are a painful process in a sense. They can lead to frustration, even more self-doubt, and so on. But the reality is that finding love through new acquaintances is the only way to get to know your real self and understand what kind of man you need. So put your worries behind you and go on a date. When you meet “that one”, the person you will have to thank for happiness is yourself!