No matter how trusting your relationship with your loved one is, it is strictly forbidden to mention your ex-boyfriend with him, according to the unanimous opinion of psychologists.

What to do if the conversation on the topic of past relationships could not be avoided? Remember the phrases that you should not use in a conversation with a man on such a sensitive topic.

Everyone loved him very much

Your young man probably thinks that he is the best man you have ever met. In addition, he is sure that your parents, brothers, sisters, and also girlfriends adhere to the same opinion. If a man finds out that this is not so, his self-confidence will weaken.

He made more money than you

Keep information about how much your ex earned in the strictest confidence. It’s better for your beloved not to know that there were more successful men in your life, otherwise he will feel inferior.

He broke my heart

Only the woman who still regrets her last unsuccessful romance can say this, which means she still has warm feelings for her ex-boyfriend. This is unlikely to please your current man.

He is fine

Frankly, your young man is absolutely not worried about how things are with a man from your past. Even if you remain friends, you should not inform your lover about how the ex-boyfriend lives.

We planned…

It’s better to forget right away that you and your ex planned when you were together. Stop looking back, and make plans for the future with the person who is next to you now.