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Flirting is the art of temptation and seduction. If you are not yet a guru in this matter, read on for some tips on how to make both you and your partner enjoy flirting.

  • Be feminine! Confident gait, relaxed hands and soft plasticity of a cat are sure to provoke a man to flirt. A signal to a man that you are not against dating will also be given by elegant high-heeled shoes and a feminine dress. According to statistics, men most often pay attention to thick eyelashes and sensual lips. Naturally, your hair should be clean and your hands well-groomed.
  • Psychologists have found that it is better to flirt by entering a partner’s 30-centimeter intimate zone. Thus, the necessary level of intimacy for flirting is achieved, but at the same time the partner is not worried that you have violated his personal boundaries.
  • A long eye-to-eye look. An expressive look into your partner’s eyes for more than 5 seconds betrays your interest in your partner.
  • A slightly open mouth excites 87% of men, and if you want to drive him crazy, tilt your head slightly to the side, or even better, take a look over your shoulder.
  • A simple and erotic movement is when a woman runs her hand through her hair and plays with one of the strands. Men consider this movement one of the most erotic.
  • Use an uplifting fragrance. It has been proven that the right smell of perfume can set you up for flirting and even drive your partner crazy. For this purpose, choose a perfume with the scent of cinnamon or vanilla – they are strong aphrodisics.
  • Don’t make plans for the future with the partner you’re flirting with. Enjoy fleeting pleasant sensations here and now and enjoy flirting.