Which women get successful and promising suitors? Beautiful, graceful, elegant… In a word, real queens.

But to become the one for which even the titled prince would fight is very simple. Four secrets of attractiveness from “Liza”!

  • Extra words and gestures can greatly spoil the impression of a woman. Watch how you carry on a conversation and express your emotions. It is better that your movements are restrained, smooth, and your gestures are slightly unfinished.
  • Let your restraint be natural. Do not try to remake your own nature, because any exaggeration looks ridiculous. Just tweak as much as you can.
  • Men really appreciate women who know how to remain in the background, while not hiding their judgments. Try not to interrupt your man and do not try to put in your five cents everywhere.
  • If you are familiar with the topic of conversation, feel free to express your opinion, but do not emphasize that you understand something better than your young man, even if this is indeed the case.