Despite the common phrase and the legendary film “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes”, men sometimes prefer brunettes. British researchers conducted a large-scale survey to understand in what role men more often represent girls with different hair colors.

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So, scientists have found that a strong half of humanity considers dark-haired girls more suitable for the role of a spouse.

A survey of 1,000 men showed that men are confident that brunettes take better care of themselves, have the best culinary talents and keep their homes clean.

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54% chose a brunette as their wife, 16% a blonde, and 30% generally stated that hair color is an insignificant factor. Men also noted that brunettes have a certain “depth”, are more disposed to sexual experiments and are better versed in financial matters.

But as a girl, 48% supported blondes, 25% – dark-haired, 17% – redheads, and 10% could not make a choice.

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Interestingly, the statistics say that girls usually change their hair color when they see such metamorphoses in some star. But in general, one of the most stable stereotypes is associated with a shade of hair, to which the stronger sex is also subject. Men called blondes more frivolous, expressive, but also more in need of guardianship and constant help from a man, which pleases rather than upsets a significant part of the respondents.