Happy coupleHappy couple

Researchers from Harvard have published the results of one of the longest studies in the field of development and formation of the human personality. Experts have spent 75 years to find out what makes us happy.

Scientists started working in 1938 – that’s when they began to study the lives of 268 Harvard graduates. They examined the psychological, physical and anthropological characteristics of the participants, including character, IQ, bad habits, addictions and family relationships.

Among the most important negative factors influencing happiness was alcohol. It was alcohol that turned out to be the most common cause of divorce. The absence of problems with alcohol is the key to a happy life, scientists say.

The second important factor of happiness is IQ. Men with an IQ of 100-115 earned much less than men with an IQ above 150. And the ability to adequately provide for a family for a man is the main thing.

The last factor that is associated with human health, happiness and well-being is warm relationships with loved ones and others. The 58 men who had the most pleasant relationships with other people made about $141,000 more a year and had more friends than the 31 men who had the coolest relationships.