Girl with a laptopGirl with a laptop

Sometimes we sit on the Internet for days on end in an attempt to find among the many Petrovs that same Vladik from the 6th “A”. For what? What needs lie behind our desire to find someone with whom we skipped classes at school, went to camp, or took an exam?

Do we want to restore relationships with those who have not even been remembered for so long? Can’t believe it somehow…

How many friends do we need?

Almost every person has a need to make friends. And no matter what changes take place in society, human values ​​are still unchanged. We still call friends those whom we can rely on in difficult times.

And we all know that there are not many such people. Sociologists have found that most of us (62%) have only two or three close friends. And this is not surprising: normal relationships assume that a person not only takes, but also gives – shares time, energy, warmth.

But if we have enough friends, then why do we strive to restore old acquaintances?

I want to go back to my youth…

Our classmates and classmates are the people with whom we spent the best carefree time. We remember each other as young, funny, reckless. When we meet, we dive headlong into pleasant memories – as if we are returning to the past. We even feel a little younger.

There is another reason. Psychologists say that during periods of crisis (for example, middle age), when neither a piece of cake, nor a run, nor aromatherapy can help us, we turn to old proven methods. Longtime friends are the foundation on which we try to lean in order to find peace of mind.

Try not to miss the meetings of classmates and classmates, organize picnics and get-togethers in a cafe for old friends. You will notice that you will have more strength and energy.

However, be prepared for the fact that when you meet a person in 10 years, you will not see that Vanya with funny freckles, who helped you bring your satchel home, but a completely mature man. And if the changes that happened to your friends from the past do not please you, still try not to show your emotions. After all, everyone wants former classmates to look at him with admiration and envy: “Wow, what he has become …”

See people, show yourself

Maybe the desire to show ourselves in the best light – beautiful, successful – and makes us go in search of old friends on the Web. Virtual reality gives us a great opportunity to “correct” our real life – to hide mistakes and shortcomings, to show the advantages and best sides.

From your page on the social network, you appear to your classmates exactly the way you would like to see yourself. And there is nothing shameful in this – a little illusion will not hurt. On the contrary, it will increase your self-esteem.

The popularity of Odnoklassniki, Vkontakte and Facebook is growing every year. And why be surprised: to communicate “through the years, through distances” is wonderful! Most importantly, don’t get hung up…