Managed to fall in love with two men at once? Yes, this happens sometimes…

Let’s be honest, if you do not want to lead a double life and deceive others, unfortunately, you will have to part with one of your lovers. How to make the right choice?

  • What kind of man would you like to spend the rest of your life with? Sometimes we confuse true love with a fleeting but strong passion that passes very quickly.
  • Which of your lovers are you most afraid of losing? Remember, if you cannot imagine your morning without a gentle kiss from a man or are used to discussing important issues with him, such a loss can become very serious for you. It will be easier to forget the partner in whose arms you spend one evening a week.
  • Take a good look at your relationship. With which of your lovers do you quarrel less often? Which one of them really cares about you? The main thing here is to be objective, because it is the feelings that make us turn a blind eye to some of the shortcomings of men.
  • If it seems to you that you love your lover and your husband equally, choose your husband. But if you are a free woman, and your lover is married, it is better to choose a non-family man.
  • Imagine that both of your partners ended up in the hospital. Which one will you run to first? Whom are you ready to support both morally and financially if he is suddenly left without a well-paid job? Try to be sincere with yourself and do as your female intuition and heart tell you.