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Can you say with full confidence that your loved one always listens to you attentively? Or is he just nodding his head from time to time, but is really busy with his own thoughts?

Perhaps the advice of “Lisa” will help you understand why a man listens to you, but does not hear, and how to deal with it.

  • Remember, the representatives of the stronger sex catch only the logical and intelligent sayings of a woman. The automatic flow of words they simply pass by their ears. So, before you say anything to your loved one, think carefully about what to say.
  • Try to follow the tone in which you address your partner. Tears, emotional tantrums, as well as lamentations about life, are most often indifferent to a man.
  • Don’t speak too loudly or harshly. If you want to discuss a problem with your loved one, try not to get personal.
  • Don’t beat around the bush. By the time you get to the key point in your monologue, a man may lose interest in the conversation and stop listening to you.
  • Start a conversation with the fact that you really love and appreciate your beloved. Let him know that you are not able to establish effective verbal contact with him.
  • To make sure that your message hits the mark, ask a man to give his opinion or help you with advice.