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With the advent of autumn, many fall into melancholy, despondency, apathy, and even depression. Indeed, for some reason it is generally accepted that the autumn season is a sad and dull time of the year. Of course, there is a completely natural explanation for all this – it gets dark much earlier in autumn, daylight hours decrease, it is cold outside.

In addition, many have recently returned from vacations – the pleasant rustle of sand on the beach and the whisper of the surf are still fresh in your memory. And now, looking out the window, you are forced to watch annoying rain, flying leaves and huge puddles. Indeed, how can one not fall into the autumn blues?! However, it is possible to remain cheerful and cheerful even in this dull time of the year. How? Yes, just appoint Autumn as your girlfriend.

Sad time! Oh charm!

Find the good that autumn brings, this red-haired beauty, and you will easily survive these 3 months. Firstly, even in autumn you can and should walk a lot. From the autumn promenade you can get no less positive sensations than from a summer walk, you just have to look around and take a different look at the surroundings. Yes, the leaves, which were green a month ago, have turned yellow and dried up. But how nice they rustle under your feet! A bright colorful autumn forest! It’s a separate song! In autumn, there are enough fine sunny days that you can spend with pleasure and profit in a motley autumn forest. A cheerful company of old friends, barbecue, songs with a guitar by the fire, picking mushrooms – everyone can choose an activity to their liking.

Friends – and autumn friends

By the way, communication with close people in itself is already an excellent psychotherapeutic tool. So, at the very first signs of autumn apathy or depression, you can safely share your fears and concerns with friends and relatives, or even cry on one of their shoulders. Be sure that your loved ones will always support and cheer you up, and you won’t get to the point of antidepressants.

healthy eating

Autumn is a unique time of the year, giving us a lot of fruits and vegetables. It is at this time that their number and diversity reaches its peak. Market stalls and shelves in supermarkets literally break under the weight of eggplants and cabbages, grapes and plums. So take advantage of this gift of nature! This will help you strengthen your nervous system and increase your immunity before the long winter-spring period, which is poor in vitamins. Don’t forget about legumes: they are just a storehouse of useful nutrients, so necessary for the body. A separate conversation about berries – the season of many of them is in full swing. Even an autumn snack can be useful – nutritionists recommend eating some walnuts with honey at the first sign of fatigue, your performance will increase significantly!

Shopping is the best medicine

This already classic recipe for female blues can be successfully applied in the fall. Remember how your eyes light up when you see fashionable boots in a shop window or how your heart starts beating faster when you see yourself in the mirror of the fitting room – so luxurious and stunning in this stylish blouse! Remembered? Then forward to the nearest mall. Just remember that in autumn your clothes should be bright. Choose radical colors to please yourself and others.

Rain is not a reason to stay at home

Of course, walking in damp and rainy weather is not very pleasant. Yes, and it is not necessary! Remember the last time you were in a museum, at an exhibition or at a concert. Autumn is a great time to fill in the gaps in your cultural program. You yourself know very well that there are many places where you would like to visit for a long time, but somehow your hands, or rather, your legs, did not reach. Now, with the onset of cold weather and rains, it’s time to visit a sensational performance with your girlfriends or visit a scandalous exhibition with your loved one. And how romantic to kiss your loved one under the quiet rustle of drops, hiding from the rain under an umbrella! You will definitely have something to remember about this autumn and tell your grandchildren!

Positive comes first

Autumn is just a season. Just keep on living – to rejoice, to be surprised, to admire. Look for the positive aspects in everything, arrange holidays and moments of joy for yourself. A trip to a beauty salon, a bath with aromatic oil, a meeting with a friend, a new scarf, a pleasant acquaintance – any event will add color to your autumn mood and well-being. Make friends with the beautiful Autumn and let this time pass under the sign of your “red” mood, because all redheads are incorrigible merry fellows and optimists.