Girl with a man in a carGirl with a man in a car

Dreams and dreams about sex are common to both men and women. In them, we often try to realize hidden desires … Remember who you were with last night, and we will tell you what it means.

I drive them crazy

Two men…both burn with desire when you’re around. And you… just let them love you. One covers your lips with hot kisses, the other caresses your body … Dreams of a threesome, psychologists say, speak of the desire to arouse admiration among others, to be in the spotlight. Be more confident! Maybe change your image? Helps!

your slave

To be chained to the back of the bed, submitting to the pressure of the male … Successful ladies often dream of this, who always take responsibility in life. Give way to your partner – enjoy the passive role of a defenseless girl!

And I want that too

In the restroom of a restaurant, in a movie theater, in a car… In your dreams, you have sex anywhere but in bed. Probably boredom has settled in your intimate life. It’s time for a change, right? Then take your partner by the hand and go to the dacha – there is such a forest behind the edge …

Ex again!

You have not thought about him for almost a month – finally left in the past! And here, please, an erotic dream: you are passionately having sex … Maybe you are still not used to living without it? Or does he still reign in your heart?

see all

Having sex while someone is watching? Such fantasies usually occur in insecure and timid ladies. They are very constrained in bed, during sex they turn off the light and crawl under the covers. Try to let go of your shyness!

It all happened so suddenly…

You are walking along the beach and suddenly… a charming stranger meets you. Your eyes meet, he grabs you, tears off your clothes … Such a dream suggests that you are eager to escape from the routine. And this need must certainly be satisfied sexually! Try to travel…