Girl with a gazeGirl with a gaze

Are you interested in someone and really want him to pay attention? What to do if your principles do not allow you to take action?

Experts assure: all that is needed to attract an object of the opposite sex is to stop your eyes on it from time to time. In this case, it is necessary that your pupils are dilated. If nature has not endowed you with an attractive look, do not worry: these exercises will help you develop it.

Turn off your cell phone and all other sources of noise before you start exercising. Turn off the lights and sit comfortably in a chair or sofa. Stretch your legs, leave your hands on your knees and try to relax your eyelids, lips and fingers as much as possible.

Exercise «Point»

Concentrate on any point in the room with a gaze. The pupils should be maximally slanted towards the bridge of the nose, let the right eye look to the left of the point, and the left eye to the right. Train at first for half a minute, and then increase the duration of the exercise to 10 minutes.

Exercise “Mirror”

After that, you can proceed to the main training – a direct look at the interlocutor. Take a mirror and carefully peer into the reflection of your pupils. Try to squint your eyes a little. If at first you don’t succeed, use the “central gaze” – look at the bridge of your nose.

During the exercise, open your eyes as wide as possible. As a result, you can increase your angle of view and give your eyes some authority.

Do I like him?

This question can also be answered by your eyes. For example, if the object of your sympathy is just flirting with you, but is not going to start a serious relationship, then he will concentrate his gaze on the bridge of your nose and eyebrows, but not on your eyes.

It is interesting, but the look, when you look at the interlocutor, but do not concentrate on his eyes, is taught to actors and professional intelligence officers. It is used during specific negotiations – in order to protect against hypnosis.