Do you think only girls love compliments? But no! Men also like it when pleasant words are addressed to them, and especially from the lips of a beloved woman.

What exactly would a young man want to hear from his lady? Remember a few phrases worth saying to a man.

“Only you can make me laugh”

A young man must be sure that you like his sense of humor. However, laughing at jokes is not enough – be sure to compliment him. Remember, the phrase “You’re so funny” is not enough here.

“The advice you gave me was very helpful”

Believe me, any man wants you to not only turn to him when you can’t open a jar or screw in a light bulb, but also listen to his advice. So telling a young man that he is the best adviser will not be superfluous.

“So big!”

Whether this is true or not is completely irrelevant. Make sure that your loved one does not doubt that he is your very best.

“You have very big hands”

Does your man take care of his body and visit the gym regularly? Admire his hands and other pumped up parts of the body, because he is trying only for you!

“You are so good…”

Playing football, cooking pizza, washing dishes… Let your loved one feel that you are infinitely proud of what he does.

“Next to you, I feel like behind a stone wall”

It gives him pleasure to realize that he is a real superhero for you, and you don’t even think that he can’t stand up for you.