Do you dream of a white dress, a wedding ring and a solemn marriage in the presence of fifty guests?

Or maybe you are sure that you can live together without any stamps in your passport …

Let’s talk about all the “pros” and “cons” of the union, which is not officially registered.

Arguments for”

  • Cohabitation is a kind of rehearsal before going to the registry office and tying the knot forever. Agree, getting married without knowing what life will be like together is quite risky.
  • It is impossible to change the relationship between partners with the help of a marriage stamp. If two people are happy together, then so be it. But the union, which has been bursting at the seams for a long time, cannot be sealed with any seal.
  • A wedding is a huge expense item. But you can save money at a gala event, and invest money not in a chic holiday, but in a common future.
  • Until a man and a woman sign, they are held together not by acquired property, which after a divorce will have to be divided in half, but by real bright feelings.
  • And a nice bonus – since you are not the legal wife of your man, you are not obliged to host his relatives in your house, and call a strange woman mom.

Arguments against”

  • In the face of the law, you are considered free. You are an unmarried woman, and he is a bachelor. So it turns out – no one owes anything to anyone, and you are not immune from love affairs on the side.
  • Cohabitation in no way proves the seriousness of the partner’s intentions, because you can live with the first woman you meet, but create a family with only one. Such relationships will sooner or later make a woman think that a man is not serious about her.
  • Living together without a stamp in the passport is still condemned by society. Soon you will get tired of explaining to relatives and friends why you have not signed yet.
  • Remember, a mother who gives birth to a baby outside of an official marriage is unprotected. It will be incredibly difficult to bring dad to responsibility in which case it will be incredibly difficult.