A man misinterprets female behavior after a sleepless nightA man misinterprets female behavior after a sleepless night

Psychology professor Jennifer Peszka from the American Hendrix College and her colleagues conducted a survey among 60 students. Volunteers were asked to answer questions about the duration and quality of their sleep, as well as relationships with partners and the opposite sex during the day.

It turned out that if men and women got enough sleep during the night, then they were inclined to underestimate the sexual interest in them from the opposite sex, i.e. in fact, they did not perceive every appeal to them as flirting.

But, sleepy men interpreted the behavior of women completely wrong, and this led to conflicts and ambiguities. Scientists are sure that it is the wrong assessment of the behavior of the opposite sex after a sleepless night that pushes men to rash acts that they would not have committed if they had a normal dream.

At the same time, women suffering from lack of sleep interpreted the behavior of the representatives of the opposite in the same way as women who had slept well and did not see in it an increased tendency to flirt.