Some of the actions of men cause us bewilderment and even a sense of injustice. “Well, why is he like that with me?!” But it is useless to be indignant, and to be offended is stupid! Better let’s try to understand the reasons for this behavior. And at the same time we will think about how we ourselves should behave.


1 Husband does not share with me problems
The fact that your man is in trouble, you will know by a sharp turn of the key in the front door, a growl at naughty slippers and silent chewing at the table. It would seem that he is preventing him from speaking out? Spilled out the negative, you would support him – and he would feel better. But no – he is silent like a partisan!
Scientists have found an explanation for this strange behavior of the stronger sex. It turns out that the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity have better connections between the hemispheres of the brain than men. Therefore, we quickly become aware of any of our experiences and immediately begin to analyze it.
And in men, the connections between nerve cells within each hemisphere are much richer. Therefore, they need more time to understand what exactly upset them.
So do not arrange your favorite interrogations with predilection. Be patient and wait until he wants to share the bad news.

2 He falls asleep right after proximity!
You so want to hear something gentle and affectionate, or at least just have a little chat with your husband before going to bed. But instead of words of love – only sweet snoring. How embarrassing!
Physiologists undertook to justify such a defiant behavior of a man. They found that in males – both in animals and in humans – after sex, a large amount of the hormone oxytocin is produced in the brain, which acts on them as a sleeping pill.
To be offended by nature and a man subject to her, you must admit, is rather stupid. Instead, snuggle close to your loved one and enjoy a restful sleep.

3 He does not know how to explain himself, but he is angry with me!
When a window with an incomprehensible inscription pops up on the monitor screen, you ask your husband what the computer wants from you. And he throws: “Firewood is needed.” Seeing the horror in your eyes, he clarifies: “Install the driver.” Your bewildered “I don’t know how” retorts with a strict “Learn!” and starts the lesson. And five minutes later he is already spitting on the keyboard and asking the heavens how you can be so stupid!
A man poorly represents the level of your knowledge. It seems to him that you should also know some things that are obvious to him. So please clarify exactly what you don’t understand. Otherwise, seeing that he did not solve your problems with his fiery scientific speech, the man will feel deceived. You nodded your head, listening to his explanation, how did you manage to still not understand anything?!
Try to write down some key actions, as well as some terms. This will help you not only learn the “material” faster, but also formulate your questions to your husband more competently, which will make him less annoyed.

4 A little cold – that’s it, he’s already dying
Your husband thinks that a runny nose and a slight fever are not enough reason to call a doctor. Yes, you do not argue. But all this is a good reason to lie on the couch and ask in a weak voice for a cup of tea, a sandwich, or a little beer. What are you, a nurse, and he is a dying patient?!
Australian scientists say that men are more prone to colds than we are, because they have weaker immunity. Moreover, some influenza viruses are almost harmless to us, but they are mowed down on the spot.
Does your husband complain about his health? Don’t be so quick to suspect him of a simulation. Does he require dinner in bed? Fulfill the “last will” of the patient. Well, when will he ever have a chance to feel weak and helpless, and at the same time surrounded by warmth and care – like once in childhood, next to his mother? ..

5 Prevents me from watching my favorite series
As soon as the series begins, caustic remarks are heard behind the back: “Again, this“ soap ”for housewives! How can you watch this?!” And instead of going to another room and turning on what he likes, the husband stays with you and indulges in masochism, commenting on the fake acting and the simplicity of the plot.
Perhaps the man just wants to be with you. Why can’t he say it directly? Yes, it never occurs to him that this should be explained somehow! It is also possible that he is jealous of you for one of the actors. Incredible? In life, this does not happen!
Does he yell? Do not give in to provocations and move the conversation to a safe plane. Ask what would he like to see? Ask which of the actors, in his opinion, would be better played this role? These signs of attention will help the husband cope with an attack of harmfulness.

6 Whenever you get behind the wheel, he gets irritated
He behaves like an alarmist on a plane caught in turbulence. He screams, begs to be more careful, or even tries to eject.
This reaction is a by-product of responsibility. If a man is accustomed to always keep everything under control, it is difficult for him to sit quietly in place when the car is driving without his participation.
Try to keep him busy with something important to create the illusion that he has his finger on the pulse. Let him follow the route, set up the navigator, check the mail, read the news. Gadgets allow you to find so many activities …