It’s better to find out about the shortcomings of a partner before the wedding than to endlessly complain about them later, isn’t it? Top 5 reasons to live together before marriage!

your man

Agree, walking along the streets of the evening city, having dinner in restaurants, rocking at parties is one thing, but falling asleep and waking up together every day is completely different. To understand whether this is your person, you need to share a living space with him for a while.


Lovers who do not have the opportunity to see each other every day, as a rule, have more reasons for jealousy and other experiences. Do you often quarrel because someone did not call someone back? Try living together. Perhaps if you spend more time together, there will be fewer reasons for quarrels.

Next step

Relationships must develop. So if you already know each other well enough, it’s time to move on to the next step. Living together makes it possible to find out what a partner is like in everyday life.

big beginnings

People begin to build joint plans for the future already when they are united not only by feelings, but also, for example, by a shared bathroom. If you are thinking about a serious relationship, it’s time to invite the chosen one to come together.

growing up

Remember, a man will not grow up until he feels responsible for another person. In order for him to stop thinking only about himself and learn to take care of his family, the couple needs to live together.