Today, communication based on modern technologies is becoming more widespread: computers, laptops and smartphones have completely changed our lives. Today, people spend dates on Skype and confess their love via SMS. However, a showdown in virtual mode can lead to separation.

Woman at the computer - photoWoman at the computer - photo

American scientists believe that serious conversations on a personal topic should not be conducted through computers and telephones. They believe that clearing up contentious issues through text messages can ruin a relationship.

138 couples were invited to participate in an experiment designed to establish a link between the use of modern technology and the stability of relationships. Some of them were married, the rest were engaged or in a serious relationship.

Man and woman - photoMan and woman - photo

Participants were asked to fill out questionnaires, where they indicated how often and with what gadgets they write text messages. The subjects also had to report why they write SMS and leave messages on social networks:

  • to express love;
  • write something unpleasant;
  • hurt the interlocutor and hurt;
  • discuss a serious personal matter (ask for forgiveness).

It turned out that more than 80% of the participants in the experiment correspond via SMS several times a day, and about 7% leave messages on social networks.

Men have a negative attitude towards too frequent messages – for the strong half, this fact is not a sign of a good relationship.

Man and woman - photoMan and woman - photo

Women believe that attempts to offend or hurt each other unequivocally lead to a deterioration in relations, and the use of modern technical means to resolve contentious issues, according to the representatives of the weaker sex, indicates the presence of serious problems in the couple.

However, regarding messages with an expression of love, both men and women spoke the same way: such correspondence strengthens the bond of the couple.

Experts believe that in communication between people, great importance is given to the non-verbal, intonational component: during personal communication, all misunderstandings between partners can be smoothed out, while in text messages, understanding-misunderstanding remains at the level of words.


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