Every year, divorce statistics in the world, and especially in the CIS countries, are growing. More and more couples decide to break off a love affair, and the number of marriages per person on average exceeds 2. What is it: freedom of choice or deterioration of relationships? Let’s find out in a new article.

Why do people think things have gotten complicated?

In fact, the complication of relationships in the modern world is nothing more than a subjective vision of people of another time. Our mothers and grandmothers often let go of the phrase: “But when I was young …”. Psychologists explain such bouts of nostalgia with the peculiarity of a person to idealize their best years. That is, in your mother’s childhood there were not necessarily better times, much more beautiful than today. It’s just that then she was young and the memories of her youth warm her, pulling out only positive things from the shelves of her memory.

Exactly the same thing happens with the vision of relationships. Society has imposed several stereotypes on us:

  • divorce is the end of life;
  • marriage is once and for all;
  • a divorced woman with children is doomed to be left alone.

So it was before, when divorce was considered something shameful. People often lived with each other not because of great love, but only because they were afraid of condemnation from society. Today we allow ourselves to be happy: love, try, fail and try again. Several marriages are not an indicator of a person’s frivolity. This is his “counter” of trials in an attempt to find family happiness.

About the relationship crisis

As before, there are problems in couples. It is not always possible to solve them only with words or money. It often happens that a normal crisis occurs in a relationship. All lovers go through this, and more than once. Surviving these stages is difficult, but if both are ready to compromise, talk and hear their soul mate, you can survive the “storm”. Each such shake-up takes relationships to a new level, making them better. Unfortunately, not every couple passes all the tests of fate.

The older generation can tell you that not only the relationship between a man and a woman has changed over time, but also friendship. It cannot be said that this is true, because the generation does not determine the character of a person. There have been many good and bad comrades in the history of the world. Millions of stories and bestseller books have been written about it. After all, your family has friends. Did they all stay faithful and endure every hardship with them? Obviously not.

It’s not about time

It is necessary to stop measuring all processes by time. There are no “best” or “worst” times. It’s just that every person believes in goodness and wants to think that an unattainable ideal of peace and security lies in the past. Remember this year, when in 5-10 years you will think about a carefree time.

What can be done to ensure that relationships with people develop properly?

First of all, in order for your relationships with people not to seem toxic, you need to choose the right circle of friends. Do not join those who drag you to the degradation and meaninglessness of existence. Any form of communication with a person should fill you with positive energy. It’s good when there are common ground: books, hobbies, tastes. It is not necessary to talk about high matters, a simple conversation about life with a benevolent person can charge you for the rest of the day.

Second, improve yourself. Your friends are reflections of yourself. Allow yourself to get the best out of life.

Author: Yulia Baturina