On vacation, we relax, rest and relieve the stiffness of the usual, “pre-holiday” life. And the sight of half-naked men, exposing their pumped-up bodies to the sun, sets you in a playful mood. Almost every self-respecting vacationer tries to have an affair at the resort, so that, as they say, “the ticket does not burn out.”

And now comes the moment of parting. Whether you like it or not, you get upset because it all ended and did not grow into love for life. And yet there are five reasons why you should not continue a relationship. After a resort paradise, returning to the gray routine can give the impression that feelings have faded or love has passed. In fact, this is just a test of life. But not simple, but very sharp – thanks to the contrast between a wonderful holiday and gray everyday life.

  1. Unusual setting

At the resort, all our senses are heightened. To this have a change of scenery, new views and landscapes. You seem to be running away from your native walls, a long-familiar home, a studied path to work, a supermarket where you buy twice a week. Everything around is new, which means that the body – in order to survive – constantly keeps you in good shape in an unfamiliar place.


Because of this, the perception of what is happening is also completely different. Emotions are running high. Every touch sends goosebumps. Every date is a fairy tale.


Just think how everything will be when you return to your native land. A promenade through the gray, boring surroundings of your sleeping area is not at all the same as a night swim for two.

  1. Free time

On vacation, you manage yourself the way you want. There is no work that takes at least 8 hours of your life every day, no household chores. You are free, and your thoughts are not busy with anything.


But at home you will always have chores. And then you can’t achieve such ease in relationships either.

  1. No commitment

You don’t owe each other anything. Relationships are intense and exciting. Neither of you knows what to expect from each other. It teases the nerves and raises to the seventh heaven. And also – wildly turns on.


In addition, you do not load each other with problems. You do not carry with each other the burden of hardships and problems. That’s why you feel so good and have fun together.

  1. Housing issue, children and parents

You cannot exist in a vacuum. Upon arrival home, you must again take up the decision of everyday affairs. And more – to communicate more closely with relatives.


Do you want a serious relationship with your beach macho? Think about how you will introduce him to his parents. How will you get to know him? If you have children, think twice. Is a man who is ready to unrestrainedly surrender to feelings, barely leaving home, worth your love, care and support? Will he not do the same when you begin to live together – go on vacation or a business trip and indulge in “free love” there? Where will you live? How? How do you share life?

Moreover, almost no one considers a holiday romance as something that can be continued. For a man, you are a bright, hot and cheerful … part of the vacation. So to speak, the animator.

  1. Character incompatibility

You don’t know what it’s like in everyday life. It was on vacation that he was determined to “pick up the female” and therefore was charming and courteous. Maybe he’s a curmudgeon. Maybe a whiner. Maybe he snores or throws socks around the apartment. Perhaps he only knows how to have fun, but he is completely unsuited to life. Therefore, it is not necessary, having barely parted, to dream of marriage.