After a violent quarrel or conflict, it can be difficult for partners to reconcile and resolve the conflict. Therefore, the quarrel drags on and its consequences negatively affect the couple.

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Experts from the University of Illinois concluded that the unfavorable atmosphere and emotional tension that arises after a conflict does not allow partners to reconcile. They simply do not want to notice the attempts of one of them to compromise. Scientists advise in such cases to discuss the current situation with the second half and thus they can quickly resolve the conflict and find a common language.

Experts interviewed 98 couples. They asked volunteers to keep special diaries for 14 days and record in them all the controversial points and conflicts that occur in their personal lives with a partner. In addition, they had to record the partner’s reaction to the conflict.

Quarrel - photoQuarrel - photo

Why is the quarrel dragging on?

As it turned out, the reaction after the conflict could be different. Some couples have threatened each other with a breakup, distanced themselves, blamed and manipulated their partner. And such a way out of the situation always ends in a protracted conflict, leading to a break. But there have also been couples trying to ease tension after a conflict and find a way to make up after a fight with a partner.

The entries in the diary allowed the specialists to understand whether the partners noticed the attempts of one of them to take a step towards a meeting and make peace. Experts advise all couples, without exception, to try not to aggravate or aggravate the situation that has developed after a quarrel, but on the contrary, try to find a way out. To do this, you need to speak frankly with your partner in a calm atmosphere, listen to him and try to find a compromise.

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