Often women want to see a strong man next to them, but at the same time, they take the lead in the family.

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There may be several reasons why a woman becomes dominant in a relationship, psychologist Irina Kirichenko says on the air of the post-show of the Save Our Family project on STB.

Why do women become masculine?

According to her, in childhood, the girl could see the bad relationship between her parents, for example, her tyrant father, who humiliated and insulted her mother, used force against her. In the future, she will reject men because she will be afraid that they will hurt her.

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Another reason that a woman becomes masculine may be her first bad experience, as well as situations when men left her. In this case, a woman may be afraid of intimacy in the future and try to control a man, dominate him so that he does not hurt her.

Often women, without noticing it themselves, become the main breadwinners and housewives in the family. But strong men do not like it, they feel uncomfortable with such ladies and sooner or later problems arise in relationships. After all, next to a strong woman is not at all easy for the same strong man. The stronger sex does not want to compete with the weak, on the contrary, men want to feel like the main ones in the family and lead the dominant party in relationships.

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What other consequences can childhood traumas have and how they affect family relationships, see the Save Our Family program on STB on Tuesdays at 20:00.


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