You met several times, went to the cinema, sat in a cafe, walked in the park – you thought that everything was fine with you. And then he disappeared – he doesn’t call, he doesn’t write, he doesn’t answer your calls and he’s not available on the network … What happened? Why? What did you do wrong?

Are these questions haunting? We asked the men why they act like this. And here is what they answered. There are several reasons:

He got what he wanted

Your sexuality delighted him, he always complimented your figure, grace. He laughed at your jokes, said romantic things, read poetry, gave flowers, assured you that you were made for each other, turned your head … And you could not resist. I thought that the sex was wonderful and now you are especially close …

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But the reality is that he played this whole game with one goal – to get you into bed. He succeeded. But the result was not what he expected. Your sex appeal did not translate into sexuality and his fantasies remained only fantasies … So why should he waste time and make efforts, knowing that he will get it anyway not that looking for? While you are waiting for the call, he is already “spudding” the next victim.
Do not be sorry.

He thinks you are not his level

Have you heard the expression: “My dear!”?
Dear, because the road or because I cost a lot?
This is a joke, of course, but in every joke there is part of the joke, and everything else is true. Consider if he calls you “darling” he is admitting that your weight in the relationship market is worth its weight in gold.
A man, caring, demonstrates only his best qualities. Beautiful and correct language, attractive appearance, financial viability. And accordingly, he expects from you that you will be a match for him, his level or slightly lower in a kind of attractiveness rating.

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When a girl is at 5, and a guy is barely pulling on a weak 3. The girl loses interest. She needs a strong man, a solid 10. But between 5 and 10 there are 6,7,8 and 9 … And if you don’t pull on 10, those who have a higher rating intercept interest. But, if you are a stubborn girl, he may agree to 5, but he will give all the initiative into your hands. You will call, write, ask for a meeting and all because you are not 10, as he thinks. He will be with you until someone better turns up, but he will not develop relations. What for? You don’t stand a chance starzd don’t get off orbit

You’re just not interested in him.

A woman is arranged in such a way that if she likes a man, she constantly thinks about him, makes plans, fantasizes about a future meeting. Now he will call and we will go to the cinema, we need to figure out what to wear, if later we come to my place, oh, where are those beautiful panties that I bought for an important occasion, it’s just him …


That’s just your plans and your dreams … And he prefers to spend tonight with friends, as well as subsequent ones, by the way. You just don’t in priority, among his hobbies, career, friends, football and who knows what else. That’s why he disappeared from the horizon. For you, he is always busy, he has no time. Relax, he just doesn’t want you, but he doesn’t want to say it directly either. That’s “freezing”.

You are too closed

He doesn’t understand if you want him or not. All these games are inaccessibility only piss him off. We live in the new millennium, who needs these complexes and constriction? What if you really are cold as ice, and he spent so much time and effort. It’s easier to back off and find a more accommodating girl.

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Only if he’s not a free hunter or pickup truckthen your inaccessibility and coldness will only add fuel to the fire, but he must take an impregnable fortress and melt the ice. You shouldn’t, of course, immediately get into his pants, but you shouldn’t play the snow queen either – find a middle ground.

You are too demanding

What do you expect from a new relationship? That’s right, romantic courtship, attention, tenderness, devotion and assurances of eternal love. And he is a businessman – the emu needs maximum achievements with a minimum of effort, cost and time.

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He thinks: she is sexy, open, accessible, independent, does not cause unnecessary trouble with romance.
And here you are, with an eye to the future, demanding fairy tales from him, and then depriving him of the main prize. And he “not salty slurping”, without sex and with a headache from your requests, disappears. In his world – you’re just a dynamo

There are other reasons as well. But you clever girl, you already understood that if a man is interested in you, he will look for meetings, call, psearch and wait for you under the office. If he disappeared after one, two dates – forget it, most likely nothing will come of it. Set a point and move on.

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