The debate about the best time to drink coffee is ongoing. Most often it is used in the morning to wake up and cheer up. Sometimes they are used instead of food, for example, the same breakfast. And when is it more useful to drink coffee – before, during or after a meal, told consultant on weight correction and eating behavior, nutritionist, member of the Supreme Expert Council of the Department of Longevity and Quality of Life of the Academy of Social Technologies Anna Makarova.

As the specialist notes, there are no special restrictions on coffee intake for a conditionally healthy person in terms of the time of correlation with food. “The exceptions are people with stomach ulcers, with high acidity of gastric juice and with irritable bowel syndrome. For them, coffee on an empty stomach is contraindicated, especially espresso, ”notes Anna Makarova.

Rules for safe drinking coffee

In general, recommends nutritionist Makarova, follow these guidelines for safe coffee drinking:

  • try not to exceed three servings of coffee a day;
  • do not drink coffee on an empty stomach, as this threatens to exacerbate chronic gastrointestinal diseases: gastritis, peptic ulcer, chronic pancreatitis;
  • do not mix coffee and alcohol due to a sharp increase in cardiovascular and liver activity;
  • drink the last cup of coffee four hours before bedtime due to the effect on the nervous system and the quality of sleep, even taking into account the fact that coffee can act differently for different people – not always toning up, and sometimes even having the opposite effect.
  • coffee can cause an increase in heart rate and a slight increase in blood pressure in people with normal pressure, and in hypertension it raises it to a greater extent, but for a short period, so hypertension and coffee are quite compatible if the measure is observed.

“It is optimal to drink coffee after or during breakfast and lunch,” sums up Anna Makarova.